The MRes is a one-year, research-based Masters degree programme in which students devise their own research project in consultation with a designated research supervisor, while taking a small number of classes devoted to skills training. The difference between the MRes and a standard MA programme is that the focus is on supervised research rather than in-class learning. Whereas a typical MA consists of roughly 45 credits teaching and 45 credits research, the MRes consists of 20 credits teaching and 70 credits research. The degree provides the opportunity for students to develop a deeper understanding of their subject by engaging in a sustained research project, while acquiring skills that will serve them in their career development or in continuing with their fourth-level studies.

How do you come up with a research project? You decide roughly what area you wish to investigate and then contact a member of staff who has research experience in a relevant field. Together you will come up with a proposal that suits your personal interests and that is grounded in available primary sources and existing scholarly debate.

In addition to the supervision which you will receive for your individual research project, you will attend a number of classes with students from all over the college. There is a great selection of courses on offer each year, all of which target skills that are useful for your research but also prepare you for your subsequent career. Among the most popular options are courses which offer training in project management, research skills, digital and editing skills, or qualitative data analysis. For the full list of available modules click on the following link and search for modules beginning with the letters PG:

Alternatively, students pursuing the MRes in History are also entitled to register for Latin language training and/or up to ten credits of postgraduate modules taught in MA programmes in the School of History.

The MRes is an approved calendared programme of study of 12 months’ duration (full-time) or 24 months (part-time) starting from initial registration on the programme in October. Final research dissertations are normally submitted in the following September at a date specified by the School of History.

To be considered for registration as an MRes candidate, all applicants (E.U. & non E.U.) will normally have a primary degree at Second Honours level, Grade I or the equivalent.

Guidelines regarding the MRes are available at

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