Office Hours - Academic Staff

Academic staff are happy to meet students during office hours to assist their progress and address issues that may arise in the course of their studies. It is very advantageous for both students and staff.

Staff office hours switch every semester. They are posted on the noticeboards of the School of History and on the doors of academic staff offices. Staff inform their students of their availability at the beginning of each module early every semester (in lectures, on module handbooks etc.).

Sometimes a member of staff may be pre-booked (other students) or experience unavoidable work conflicts (e.g., university, national or international meetings, interviews, broadcasts and conferences).

Students are encouraged to email an individual staff member in advance of his/her formal Office Hours to notify staff of their intention to meet and the general reason. Such notice enables productive meetings. At least 24 hours advance email notice is advisable, and it may prevent a wasted trip.  

Advance email contact will also facilitate the arrangement of a meeting at an alternative and mutually convenient date/time, if there is a lack of availability during scheduled office hours.

In general, students are encouraged to email staff in good time when serious difficulties (major illnesses, deaths of close relatives, grave personal disruptions etc.) threaten to negatively impact the completion of assessments and examinations.

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