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Skills for Employment

Employers value Historians as they possess transferable skills. Historians are creative and critical thinkers who deliver on time. They:

  • Formulate convincing and cogent arguments.
  • Express themselves with coherence, clarity and fluency.
  • Gather, organise and deploy diverse sources of evidence.
  • Exercise self-discipline, self-direction and independent thought.
  • Appreciate complexity and diversity of situations, events and mentalities.
  • Adhere to rules of evidence with integrity and maturity.
  • Use texts and a wide array of source materials critically.
  • Command knowledge to contextualise and comprehend situations and problems.
  • Understand how people have existed, acted and thought in context.
  • Reflect critically on the nature of evidence and on theoretical underpinnings.
  • Utilise ICT, retrieve information and present effectively.
  • Respect others’ reasoned views but subject them to critical analysis.
  • Work collaboratively and participate effectively in group work.
  • Show empathy and imaginative insight.
  • Display initiative.


School of History

Scoil na Staire

Tyrconnell,Off College Road,Cork,Ireland.