Professor Jackie Sheehan (Head of School) ORB 3.34 021-490-2116

Asian Studies:

Dr Kevin Cawley (Acting Head of Asian Studies) ORB 3.31 021-490-3165
Dr Till Weingärtner ORB 3.29 021-490-2410
Dr Carlotta Sparvoli ORB 3.30 021-490-2640
Dr Constantin Holzer  ORB3.23 021-490-3085

Study of Religions:

Dr Lidia Julianna Guzy (Head of Study of Religions) ORB 2.14 021-490-3278
Dr. Amanullah De Sondy (Senior Lecturer) ORB 2.16 021-490-2895
Dr James Alexander Kapalo (Senior Lecturer) ORB 2.21 021-490-3773
Dr Jenny Butler ORB 2.17 021-490-5137
Dr Tatsuma Padoan    











Ching Keane

Position: Manager, School of Asian Studies
T: 353 (0)21 4903260

Room 3.32, O'Rahilly Building,
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Catherine Sullivan

Position: Administrator, School of Asian Studies
T: 353(02)21 4902825

Room 3.37, O'Rahilly Building,
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Eimear Corcoran

Position: Executive Assistant, School of Asian Studies
T: 353 (0)21 4903326

Room 3.37, O'Rahilly Building,
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland. 

Mr. Xia Yongbin:

Position: Confucius Institute Co-Director
T: 353 (0)21 4905153

Room 3.35, O'Rahilly Building,
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Mr. Yongbin Xia joined UCC in October 18th 2012 as the Co-Director of the Confucius Institute of UCC. He works with staff members of the School of Asian Studies and the College of  Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Science to promote Chinese Language and Chinese Culture in Ireland, particularly at UCC. His post is funded by HANBAN, Headquarters of the Confucius Institute in Beijing.

Mr Yongbin Xia is originally from Shanghai, he completed his undergraduate degree in Chinese Language and Literature at Shanghai Normal University in 1992 and after graduating joined the Shanghai University, where he obtained a masters degree in Information Utilization in 2004. During 2002 to 2003 he has been funded by CSC (Chinese Scholarship Council) to study English Language at the University of Sheffield in the UK.

After 1999 his job responsibility has been focusing on international students’ administration and enrollment in the College of International Exchange, Shanghai University. From now on, he will be endeavoring to promote Chinese Language and Chinese Culture in Ireland especially at UCC.


Chinese Language Mandarin Level 1

BComm- Tan Laoshi


BA- Yang laoshi


Computer Science- Wang laoshi


Modern Chinese Business Language – Level 2

BComm – Li laoshi



Chinese Language Mandarin – Level 2

BA – Zhao laoshi



Readings in Contemporary Chinese Culture and Current Affairs



Modern Business Chinese Business Language Level 3

BComm – Guo laoshi


Chinese Language (Mandarin) Level 3

BA – Wang laoshi



Chinese Language (Mandarin) Level 2.5 ( 5 credits)

Li laoshi



Chinese Language Level 2.5 (10 credits)

Li laoshi




Modern Chinese Business Language 1

Sun Laoshi



Modern Chinese Business Language 2

Sun Laoshi




Sun laoshi




Sun laoshi




Evening Class Beginners

Li Yun



Evening Class Improvers

Sun Xiaoxuan



Li Yun







Tan laoshi


Guo laoshi


Li laoshi


Sun laoshi    


Yan laoshi



Wang laoshi



Zhao laoshi












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