Asian Studies

Message from the Head of School of Asian Studies

Over the recent decades we have witnessed phenomenal economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region. This growth has been accompanied by the development across the world of a cultural awareness of the region. The cultural ties between Asia and Europe have grown as the expansion of the EU has led to close co-operation between the two regions. Ireland, as part of the EU, continues to play its role in the development of further links and Irish business and enterprises are looking eastwards for new future markets and areas of expansion.

Within the School of Asian Studies (SAS) and the Irish Institute of Chinese Studies (IICS) we have developed a solid foundation of both undergraduate and postgraduate courses structured to equip students with the skills to deal with a rising Asia. The Korean Institute and Japanese Institute are developing strongly and the Study of Religions department, which is part of the School, has teaching and research strengths ranging from Eastern Europe and Central Asia to the Middle East, India and Japan. As we continue to develop links with more institutions within the region, we will aim to expand our range of courses and provide further opportunities to our students.

Professor Jackie Sheehan
Head of School of Asian Studies


School of Asian Studies

Staidéar Áiseach

3rd Floor, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.