Irish Institute of Korean Studies (IIKS)

About the Irish Institute of Korean Studies

The Irish Institute of Korean Studies is led by Dr Kevin N. Cawley, Senior Lecturer in Korean Studies. He is the author of Religious and Philosophical Traditions of Korea (2019) and is an editor for Stanford University's Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

The objectives of the Irish Institute of Korean Studies are: 

- To teach the language, history, economics, politics, and culture of Korea in Ireland.

- To promote mutual understanding between the peoples of Ireland and Korea.

- To contribute to the teaching and research capacity of the School of Asian Studies at UCC.

- To facilitate staff and student exchange between UCC and other Irish universities, and partner institutions in Korea.

- To encourage and develop research areas of mutual interest and benefit to Ireland and Korea.

- To increase awareness of Korean society and culture among the general public in Ireland.

- To develop adult continuous education courses in the Korean language and other Korea-related topics.

- To facilitate co-operation and contact between Korean and Irish business and commerce.

Department of Asian Studies

Staidéar Áiseach

3rd Floor, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.