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"Where Finbarr taught let Munster learn." The original motto of our university tells us that religion is within the foundation stones on this campus.

Dr Amanullah De Sondy

Head of Department

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The ‘Godless colleges’

The relationship between University College Cork and religion has a long and complicated history.

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Aims and Objectives

  1. To explore the ways that ‘religion’ as a concept is understood, and the sources for understanding it (lived realities, texts, material culture, amongst others). 
  2. To approach religions from a non-theological and non-confessional perspective 
  3. To enhance religious literacy through research and teaching from a variety of approaches such as historical, philosophical, anthropological, ethical, sociological, psychological, exegetical, semiotical, etc.  
  4. To understand the impact of religions on our understanding of history, politics, society, economics, literature, music, art, amongst other areas. 
  5. To evaluate religions in diverse global, regional, cultural and sociohistorical contexts with a specific focus on our contemporary times 
  6. To analyse the experience of religion as a cultural and social practice, embedded in people's daily lives around the world, both inside and outside the religious institutions. 
  7. To make meaningful contributions to current critical debates and realities in the public square and civic engagement related to the study of religions 

Career Opportunities

UCC's Religions and Global Diversity programme is recognised by The Teaching Council for intending teachers of post-primary RE in Ireland. As society in Ireland and throughout the world becomes more culturally diverse, understanding different religious beliefs and practices becomes increasingly important in the workplace, for teachers, government, development agencies, international business, those in the media, in healthcare and in human resources. In addition to helping you to develop the blend of specific and transferable skills common to all Arts subjects, Religions and Global Diversity will give you insights into religion and culture, which should help you in the workplace and when seeking employment.

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Study of Religions Department

Staidéar Reiligiún

Room 2.22, O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, College Road, Cork, T12 ND89