Dr Lidia Julianna Guzy (Head of Department)

Dr James Alexander Kapalo (Senior Lecturer)

Dr. Amanullah De Sondy (Acting Head)

Dr Jenny Butler

Dr Tatsuma Padoan (Lecturer in East Asian Religions)


Eimear Corcoran

Position: Executive Assistant
T: (021) 4903326

Room 3.37, O'Rahilly Building,
University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Catherine Sullivan

Position: Administrator
T: 353(02)21 4902825

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‌‌Marian Caulfield

‌Course  Co-ordinator  and Teaching Assistant on RG1001: Religions in the Contemporary World: an Introduction to the Study of Religions.

Marian's research interest lies in the realm of Religion and Popular Culture and her work is influenced by her involvement in the disciplines of both Music and the Study of Religions (BA Music, UCC, 2012 and MA Contemporary Religion, UCC 2014). Marian traverses these disciplines through the examination of various philosophies of sound and sonority and their links to the 'transcendent'  found in the experimental sound and music scene. She focuses on exploring these links through her fieldwork projects, giving papers at national and international conferences and through her publication.








Chris Heinhold

‌My current research examines the generational dynamics within transnational Shia networks between Britain and the Middle East. My interests include Religious Studies and Migration, Diaspora Studies, Political Science, Anthropology and related fields. I am eager to maintain an inter-disciplinary approach to any research which I undertake. 









 Elizabeth Erdmann


Ms. Erdmann’s research interests include: contemporary Goddess religions and pilgrimage, nomadic theologies, Haitian Vodou, feminist thealogy and pioneering methods in religious studies and anthropology.  She holds an MTS from Boston University and an Honours BA in Religious Studies from the University of Stirling, Scotland.  Elizabeth is a co-leader of Goddess Pilgrimages to Crete with philosopher of religions Dr. Carol P. Christ where she is currently conducting her fieldwork. 





Visiting Fellows

Current People

Professor Amajiva Lochan (ISCC Visiting Professor)

Visiting Fellows & Postdoctoral Researchers (archive)

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Dr Phibul Choompolpaisal

Dr Choompolpaisal studied engineering at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, before transferring to Study of Religions for his Master Degree at SOAS (University of London) where he also completed his PhD on modern Thai Buddhism in the 19th and 20th centuries. He is currently Post-doctoral Research Fellow at University College Cork. His publications include an analysis of the influence of Weber in the study of Theravada Buddhism (2008), the significance of the 16th century Sukhothai inscription for the dating of pre-reformed Theravada meditation (forthcoming 2012) and a history of modern monastic education in Thailand (forthcoming 2013). He is also currently helping Professor Brian Bocking carry out research on Wat Ban Thawai in Bangkok where the Irish monk Dhammaloka went to in 1903. He is reviews editor of the journal Contemporary Buddhism.

Dr Cécile Guillaume-Pey

I hold a PhD in Social Anthropology at EHESS (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Toulouse, France). My research focuses on ritual practices among the Sora, a tribal group from Orissa-Andhra Pradesh border (India). I taught at the Centre d’Anthropologie Sociale (CAS, LISST) in Toulouseduring three years (Anthropology of knowledge; Introduction to Anthropology; Anthropological Methodology). As a Fyssen Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow, I am currently interested in the sora painting and the process of transforming ritual images into ‘art’.

Visiting Research Fellows:

Dr Yafa Shanneik

Dr Marcello Vidaurre Archanjo

My research area is the Brazilian religious field with particular interest in Afro-Brazilian religions and esotericism in Brazil. The category of the person and issues of embodiment are central to the way I conduct my research.

Dr Greg Alles

Methods and theories in the study of religion, with a particular emphasis on the German intellectual tradition, issues of categorization, and economic theorizing. My specific interests center on the rituals and stories of indigenous people of Orsang district (to be created 26 Jan 2013) in Gujarat.

Study of Religions Department

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