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First Chair of Neonatology in Ireland


Thanks to a donation from UCC alumnus Daragh Horgan and his wife Anne the Department has appointed of Ireland’s first Chair of Neonatology, Prof Gene Dempsey.  This new role represents an exciting opportunity to continue the delivery of excellence in our undergraduate and post gradate academic programmes and establish the INFANT Centre at UCC as a world leading research centre in newborn care.

Prof Gene Dempsey said "I see exciting collaborative networks developing locally, nationally and internationally. We have already developed strong interdisciplinary links at UCC, for example with the Physiology department exploring the implications of too much or too little oxygen delivery, with the APC exploring the maternal and neonatal microbiome, and with IPIC assessing light as a means to measure oxygen levels within the lung. Nationally we are a key member of the Mother and Baby Network and are currently leading a trial on brain oxygen monitoring in preterm infants.   We will continue to develop strong international collaborative links in newborn clinical trials.  We will lead and partner in some of the exciting multinational trials in newborn care, all aiming to generate new knowledge and enhance patient outcome. These trials currently include aspects  of newborn stabilisation at delivery, studying antiseizure medication in term newborns and drugs to improve heart function in preterm infants.   I  want to ensure we deliver excellence in our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching program, and mentorship to our junior trainees. The ultimate goal is to establish an internationally renowned research centre here at UCC, delivering high quality clinical care and  improved outcomes for newborn infants.’


Prof Mark Turner, Adjunct Professor, Department of Paediatrics & Child Health


Prof Mark Turner gave his inaugural lecture  “Inspiration, perspiration & research infrastructure: critical success factors for clinical research” to an online audience of over 160 people today via Microsoft Teams.  Prof Turner is Professor of Neonatology and Research Delivery at the University of Liverpool. His research aims to improve the access of newborn babies and children to high quality medicines. This includes studies of dosing, safety and efficacy, and research about excipients, manipulations of medicines, the avoidability of adverse drug reactions and the value of age-appropriate formulations. 

He believes that the coherent integration of the design and conduct of clinical trials is key to improving the quality of medicines. He works to develop efficient medicines research infrastructure in Europe and globally as Chair of the European Network for Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (EnprEMA) (2013 – 2019), Convenor of the European Paediatric Clinical Trials Research Infrastructure, co-Director of the International Neonatal Consortium and as co-Coordinator of c4c.


The Department Welcomes Dr Daragh Finn


Dr Daragh Finn has joined the Department as part-time Senior Lecturer.  

Dr Daragh Finn graduated from NUI, Galway in 2008 and commenced his role as a Consultant  Paediatrician with special interest in Paediatric Cardiology in Cork University Hospital in 2018. Prior to this role he was a Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Cardiology in the Royal Brompton Hospital, London. He completed a research fellowship with the INFANT centre in UCC in 2015/2016. He was the lead clinical fellow on a number of trials funded by Science Foundation Ireland including CUPID, a randomised controlled trial assessing different cord clamping strategies in preterm infants. He was awarded an M.D. from UCC in 2019. He is a member of the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI). 

Department of Paediatrics & Child Health

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