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About the Department

About the Department

About the Department


The Department aims to give our graduates a child and family centred approach to paediatric illness; and to promote Child Health through education and research, as the priority in Health.



  • To develop the paediatric content of the medical undergraduate curriculum to ensure that all medical graduates are sensitive to the needs of sick children and conversant with effective and efficient treatments in Paediatrics.
  • To provide a high quality student experience and education.
  • To establish UCC as the leading research active paediatric centre in Ireland.
  • To consolidate existing research projects and innovative paediatric research relating to the stated health needs and priorities of Irish children.
  • To ensure that all new clinical appointments in the region have a teaching and/or a research role in the department.
  • To expand the consultant base in Cork Paediatrics and in the Munster region to allow expansion of the school, collaborative research and local delivery of a comprehensive service.
  • To collaborate with HSE South and South West group to deliver the academic core facility and leadership for developing a regional childrens unit in Cork involving acute medical and surgical paediatric care.
  • To encourage the further development of the successful programmes in neonatal and paediatric resuscitation.
  • To establish Community Paediatrics as an academic discipline with a view to collaborative research at local, national and international levels.


History of the Department

History of the Department

Dr. Richard G.G. Barry came to Cork in 1949, and commenced practice as a physician with a special interest in Paediatarics. In 1950 he was made the first UCC College Lecturer in Paediatrics, and in 1970 was appointed to the first Chair in Paediatrics. In 1949, the infant mortality in Cork was just less than 60/1000 live births, and was just greater than 6/1000 live births when Professor Barry retired in 1982. From the beginning, Dr. Barry developed a strong Paediatric teaching programme for medical undergraduates. Medical students at that time obtained an excellent clinical experience in Paediatrics. The department in Cork was one of the first in these islands, where Paediatrics had parity with Surgery and Obstetrics. Paediatrics has been a full final medical examination subject in UCC since the fifties.Dr. G.H. Cussen was appointed Consultant Neonatologist in 1964 and was appointed to a personal chair in 1980. Professor Cussen was responsible for developing neonatology and devoted much of his professional life to children with special needs.

Dr. Peter J. Kearney was appointed Professor of Paediatrics in 1980. He introduced undergraduate paediatric projects and other innovative teaching and assessment methods including the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE).

 Jonathan Hourihane has been Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health in University College Cork, Ireland since 2005. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1987. He obtained his Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Southampton in 1996, for his thesis entitled “Clinical and immunological features of peanut allergy”. He achieved FRCPCH in 2005, FRCPI in 2008 and FAAAAI in 2011. He is co-PI of the BASELINE birth cohort study (www.baselinestudy.net.). He is Director of National Childrens Resource Center in Dublin.

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