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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about the postgraduate (PG) programme (e.g., tuition cost, course content, etc.)?

You can learn more about the Paediatrics & Child Health postgraduate (PG) certificate programme at this webpage.

You can learn more about the Allergy & Clinical Immunology full postgraduate (PG) programme at this webpage.


How do I apply? What is the application process?

You can find details on how to apply on this UCC webpage. The application will ask you to describe your education history and work experience. It will also collect demographic information, including your English proficiency, and prompt you to complete a written response describing your motivation and readiness for the programme. Once you complete the application, it will be reviewed on a rolling basis. There is a non-refundable €50 application fee.


What is the closing date for applications

15th July 2022


What are the entry requirements for the PG certificate programme?

Applicant Requirements:

  1. A primary honours degree (NFQ, Level 8) in a relevant health care discipline such as medicine, nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy, speech and language, audiology, physiotherapy, psychology, dietetics, nutrition, and/or social studies.
  2. Ideally candidates should have at least one year’s practical experience in their area of qualification.

*Applicants who do not hold a primary honours degree (NFQ, Level 8) may also be accepted under Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) subject to review of their training and professional experience. An interview may be required under these circumstances.

*Prior paediatric/child health or allergy/immunology experience is NOT required to qualify for either postgraduate programme.

*Applicants that are non-native speakers of the English language must meet the university-approved English language requirements available here.


Why cannot I not see details on the diploma and MSc?

The postgraduate diploma is under construction and will be open for applications next January with online information available then, and delivery starting September 2023.  Students need to complete the certificate before moving onto the diploma.


If I am a not an EU national or resident, can I apply? Will I need a visa?

International students are encouraged to apply for this programme. Since the programme is fully online and can be completed from abroad, there is no need to travel to Ireland or obtain a student visa.


What is the progression of this programme beyond the PG certificate in year one?

Both programmes range from one to three years, where you can earn a PG certificate in the first year, PG diploma in the second year, and a MSc in the third year.



When does the programme begin?

If you apply for the programme in 2022, the first year of both programmes begins on 12 September 2022 and ends in May 2023. If you continue to the PG diploma in the second year, the anticipated end date is May 2024 and, if you continue to the MSc in the third year, the anticipated end date is May 2025


What is the time commitment for this part-time PG programme? 

This part-time programme is designed for working professionals. While there will be live webinars/workshops built into the programme, most of the learning will be asynchronous and self-guided. The time commitment of this programme will range by individual and by week, but could take you approximately 5-15 hours per week to complete. 


What are the technology requirements or expectations for this online PG programme?

 This online programme will include both live webinars/workshops facilitated virtually via Microsoft Teams and asynchronous learning opportunities housed on the online Canvas platform. Students participating in the programme will need access to a computer with reliable internet.

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