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Applied Mathematics Seminars / Talks 2021 - 2022

The seminar is meant to highlight major topics of recent interest to both senior and junior researchers in the field.

For questions and inquiries, please contact the seminar coordinators Dr. Philipp Hoevel (, semester 1) and Dr. Andrew Keane (, semester 2).

Semester 1

Location: Western Gateway Building WGB G08 (unless the presentation is given online)

Time: 16.00 - 17.00 on Wednesdays

COVID-19 regulations: Full information can be found here.


Date Speaker Title (Topic)

Martina Gerken (CAU Kiel)

Modelling of magnetic-field and photonic-crystal biosensors


Muireann O'Keeffe (TU Dublin), Morag Munro (Maynooth University)Martina Crehan (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland)Monica Ward (Dublin City University)

Peer observation of teaching to establish and sustain conversations and feedback on teaching practice

Note that the presentation will be given online using MS Teams. Please contact Dr. Philipp Hoevel ( for details. 


Lucas Illing (Reed College, Portland, Oregon, USA)

Parameter estimation and cross-prediction of nonlinear dynamical systems from experimental time series

Kathy Lüdge (Technische Universität Berlin)

Stabilizing Delay-Coupled Nanolasers via Polarization Lifetime Tuning

Note that the presentation will be given online using MS Teams. Please contact Dr. Philipp Hoevel ( for details.


 No seminar due to an Applied Mathematics Meeting 


Kalle Timperi (Imperial College London)

Stability under Uncertainty: Towards a Bifurcation Theory for Dynamical Systems with Bounded Noise


Frank Bastian (University College Cork)  A Geometric Approach to Bifurcation- and Noise-Induced Bubbling


Hassan Alkhayuon (University College Cork) Phase tipping: How cyclic ecosystems respond to contemporary climate


Cris Hasan (University College Cork) Rate-induced tipping in reaction-diffusion problems: The rise and fall of geographically shifting ecosystems


Jen Creaser (University of Exeter) 

Domino effects on networks of bistable oscillatory nodes


No seminar


No seminar

Semester 2

No Applied Mathematics seminar scheduled.

The seminar is to be replaced by a school-wide seminar.

School of Mathematical Sciences

Eolaíochtaí Matamaiticiúla

Room 1-57, First Floor floor, T12 XF62