School Committees

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APCD : Steve Wills, Andreas Amann, Eric Wolsztynski , Clodagh McAllen.

TLSE (includes staff-student relations) : Martin Kilian, David Henry, Maeve Hally

Research: Spyros Dendrinos, Sebastian Wieczorek 

Graduate Studies: Philipp Hoevel (Chair), Claus Koestler (Vice Chair), Jian Huang (Vice Chair), David O'Leary, Eoin O'Sullivan (PhD student representative), Ian Leko (MSc student representative). Contact: 

Outreach Enrichment/Open Days: Anca Mustata, Teres


Equality Diversity and Inclusion: Tony Fitzgerald (co-chair), Kathleen O'Sullivan (co-chair), Clodagh McAllen, Cónall Kelly, David O'Leary, Kieran Mulchrone, Kevin Hayes, Tom Carrol.

Web Development: Philipp Hoevel, Joe Scanlon.

Public Relations and Outreach: Kieran Mulchrone, Anca Mustata 

Examination & Boards: Kathleen O'Sullivan, Linda Daly, Philipp Hoevel, Steve Wills, David O'Leary, Contact 


Internationalization: Supratik Roy

Health & Safety: Kevin Hayes, Joe Scanlon, David O Leary 

Financial Mathematics & Actuarial Science (FMAS): Linda Daly (Chair), Kieran Mulchrone, Cónall Kelly, Contact:

Mathematical Studies: Anca Mustata, Steve Wills, Supratik Roy, Sebastian Wieczorek, Clodagh McAllen.

Mathematical Sciences: Andreas Amann, Amir Jalali, Spyros Dendrinos, David O Leary, Contact: 

Risk in Actuarial Studies (RAS): Jian Huang, Finbarr Kiely, Kevin Hayes 


Other School Roles/Activities:

Department of Mathematics
Timetabling: Ben
Superbrain: Ben, Anca, Steve
Mathematics (PG Degree Programmes): Tom
Faculty of Food Science and Technology (SEFS): Ben
Teaching & Curriculum Development (CB&L): Martin Kilian
BComm International Board of Studies (CB&L): Martin Kilian
BSc Food Marketing & Entrepreneurship Board of Studies (CB&L): Martin Kilian

Department of Applied Mathematics
Co-ordinator for the Mathematical Modelling and Self-Learning Systems: Kieran
Timetabling:   Andreas

Department of Statistics
BSc Data Science & Analytics Co-ordinator: Michael
MSc Statistics Co-ordinator: Kathleen
MSc Data Science and Analytics Deputy Co-ordinator: Eric
MSc Actuarial Science Co-ordinator: Liang
HDip Statistics Co-ordinator: Tony
Dip Statistical Studies (3+1): Jian
Biological & Chemical Sciences (CK402) Liaison: Eric
College of Business and Law Liaison: Michael
College of Medicine and Health Liaison: Kathleen

Academic Council: Finbarr, Bernard, Sebastian, Michael.

School of Mathematical Sciences

Eolaíochtaí Matamaiticiúla

Room 1-57, First Floor floor, T12 XF62