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Research Themes

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Fluid Dynamics
Nonlinear Dynamics
Mathematical Modelling

Geometry & Algebraic geometry

Biomedical imaging and Information Technology
Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science

Research Strategy

The School is committed to the realisation of excellence in mathematical sciences research. The themes and areas of strength span a range of important topics and areas within the fields of Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Some of the research is pure and theoretical while other work is more application orientated and empirical. Our areas of strength align with the broader research agenda of the University and with the National Research Priority Areas that were recently defined by the Irish Ministry for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (

A major focus of the School in 2015-16 was the celebration of the bicentennial of George Boole, the first Professor of Mathematics at UCC. We hope that the concentration of interest in Boole's work and the energy emulated during these scientific celebrations will lead to a better appreciation of the significance of fundamental research generally but especially in the area of the Mathematical Sciences. Our research strategy is simple - be like Boole!

While the school research aligns with national directions as mentioned above, individual staff members have the academic freedom to pursue specific areas of interest to them, which favors the emergence of new synergies both within and outside the school. We also strive to achieve high scientific training standards. Our research informs, and is linked to, our teaching on several levels. The staff tends to deliver courses in their area of expertise and active research. This allows us to integrate teaching and research in a natural way, by incorporating state of the art examples in the course materials, updating reading lists, developing course materials and handouts, etc. A number of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes taught at the school involve research components in the form of research projects, in particular in mathematical modelling projects and in financial mathematics and actuarial science. Each year a number of such projects are supervised jointly across departments.

A School Colloquium was established in 2013 at which research topics were presented at a level accessible to all School members and students.

School of Mathematical Sciences

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