Graduate Studies Committee

Graduate Studies Committee

Graduate Studies Committee


To support the School’s mission and strategy of providing the highest quality education in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics and to carry out postgraduate research to the highest international standards in a spirit of community and professional service.

Terms of Reference

Roles and Responsibilities of Members:

SOMS-GSC strives to enhance the academic experience for graduate students by the
following roles and responsibilities:

  • Oversee the progression of PhD and MSc Research students via regular progress reports.
  • Familiarise with the elements of the University’s, SEFS and SOMS strategic plan relevant
    to graduate education.
  • Work with School and SEFS with the implementation of the University’s strategic plan
    with respect to graduate studies as appropriate to SOMS.
  • Implement policies and procedures to support and enhance graduate education.
  • Advise on the enhancement of the working infrastructure and environment for graduate
  • Provide support to SOMS through programmes/initiatives designed to assist in the
    recruitment of graduate students and foster graduate student success.
  • Support and assist publicising and promotion of graduate education.
  • Assist Course Coordinator with retention of graduate students.
  • Production of an annual report to the Executive Management Committee.


  • All meetings will be chaired by Chair or where the Chair is absent one of the Vice-Chairs
    of the Committee may act in the capacity as Chair.
  • Quorum for the Committee requires 3 staff members of the Committee to be in
  • Agenda, minutes and supporting papers will be circulated by the School Office.
  • Meetings will run during term time with a minimum of 6 meetings during an academic
  • Other members of the School may be invited at the discretion of the Chair of the

Membership List

Chairperson:- Dr Supratik Roy

Members: Dr Kevin Hayes, Dr Kieran Mulchrone, Dr Hui Wang (SoMS Research Support Officer), Ms Catherine Maguire

Administrator: Mr Niall Walsh


The Graduate Studies Committee can be reached via email:

To submit forms and reports as part of the Research Student Progress Review, please use

School of Mathematical Sciences

Eolaíochtaí Matamaiticiúla

Room 1-57, First Floor floor, T12 XF62