Terms of Reference

Roles and Responsibilities of Members:

SOMS-GSC strives to enhance the academic experience for graduate students by the
following roles and responsibilities:

  • Oversee the progression of PhD and MSc Research students via regular progress reports.
  • Familiarise with the elements of the University’s, SEFS and SOMS strategic plan relevant
    to graduate education.
  • Work with School and SEFS with the implementation of the University’s strategic plan
    with respect to graduate studies as appropriate to SOMS.
  • Implement policies and procedures to support and enhance graduate education.
  • Advise on the enhancement of the working infrastructure and environment for graduate
  • Provide support to SOMS through programmes/initiatives designed to assist in the
    recruitment of graduate students and foster graduate student success.
  • Support and assist publicising and promotion of graduate education.
  • Assist Course Coordinator with retention of graduate students.
  • Production of an annual report to the Executive Management Committee.


  • All meetings will be chaired by Chair or where the Chair is absent one of the Vice-Chairs
    of the Committee may act in the capacity as Chair.
  • Quorum for the Committee requires 3 staff members of the Committee to be in
  • Agenda, minutes and supporting papers will be circulated by the School Office.
  • Meetings will run during term time with a minimum of 6 meetings during an academic
  • Other members of the School may be invited at the discretion of the Chair of the

Terms of References:

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