Outreach information for 2021-2022

The UCC Mathematics Enrichment Programme will start on Saturday 5th February 2022 in Western Gateway Building, UCC. Please use the registration link:

Registration for the 2021-2022 Mathematics Enrichment Programme.

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Alcumus Invitation.

Please register to our Problem-Solving class on the interactive learning platform Alcumus (please use your full name as ID) Registration links: Juniors class here and TY/Seniors class here. After registration, you can always login on to the Alcumus platform here.  There you will be able to work on problems on 4 main topics: Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics and Geometry. You may set your preferred topic/difficulty level at any time. After attempting each problem you will be able to read detailed solutions and also to access videos on the topic at hand, and thus learn new ideas and methods. We will monitor your performance and, depending on progress, award participation diplomas/achievement diplomas.  Please don't forget to also register to our the UCC Maths Enrichment mailing list for Achievement Award diplomas/event information. 



Schools Outreach Links




The UCC School of Mathematical Sciences in partnership with the Irish Mathematical Trust offers extra-curricular activities for young students of all ages:

Junior Mathematics Enrichment: A set of free, weekly maths classes run on Saturday mornings at 10-11:30 from the end of November till May, for 2nd - 3rd year secondary school students (and occasionally 1st-year students with advanced mathematical abilities). Participants work in a relaxed environment with college students as well as professional mathematicians and meet new ideas and skills, which we hope will deepen their interest in the subject. The programme involves a lot of teamwork including team quiz competitions. Students learn through problem-solving related to games like Sets, Dominoes, Mind-reading games and others. Programme information, schedules and registration on the UCC Maths Enrichment webpage.

- Intermediate and Senior Maths Enrichment: A set of free, weekly maths classes run on Saturday mornings at 10 am-1pm from end of November till May, for TY (Intermediate) and 5th/6th (Senior) students. Here, students are shown deeper and more challenging maths than that seen on the school syllabus and are induced to develop a love of maths and its fun side. Emphasis is placed on creative thinking and problem-solving skills, with the aim of making already talented students more mathematically-minded. The classes also act as practise and training for mathematical Olympiads, the qualifiers for which are run through the classes. Programme information, schedules and registration on the UCC Maths Enrichment webpage.

- Maths Circles for Primary Schools and beginning Junior Cycle students: While there are no Saturday classes for younger students in primary school or starting Junior Certificate, we support the setting up Maths Circles within the children’s schools. Maths Circles are lunchtime or after-school maths clubs where students explore various mathematical topics with a focus on play and creative problem-solving. Students learn how maths is at the heart of almost everything including origami, seashells and card tricks. Topics covered in the past include sets, graph theory, tessellation, infinite sequences and series, combinatorics and probability. Over 60 hours of activities for lessons have been developed and are available at the Maths Circles homepage. Parents and students are encouraged to talk to teachers about setting up Maths Circles in their schools. Teachers can avail of support from TY students who have attended a week-long workshop in UCC (see TY Work Experience below) and can find here a complete guide for setting up a Maths Circle.

- Resources geared more towards individual study can be found on the IMT Resource Page.



  • TY Work Experience:

The School of Mathematical Sciences is planning to run its annual TY work experience programme during the week of 24-28 January 2022, if conditions allow. Please register your interest here: Registration Form.

Due to uncertainty about the evolution of the epidemiological situation and social distancing rules, we regret that we may not be able to guarantee a place to all registered students. Places will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

The TY Work Experience in Mathematics offers participants the opportunity to experience UCC through a variety of activities:

- To attend undergraduate lectures in mathematics and related area;

-  To work on small research projects in dedicated research workshops. 

- To acquire teaching skills in purpose-designed workshops. In these workshops, participants will be divided into teams and practice leading a 10-15 min class based on resources we provided. At the end they participate in a tournament to decide on the best teams based on the participants’ feedback.

Upon graduation of the one week training, participants receive a Teaching Diploma and resource materials which enable them to work as tutors for maths circles for the younger 1st year students in the school, or for primary school students in nearby schools. Maths circles are lunchtime or after-school weekly maths clubs based on our teaching materials, and are typically run by a teacher with the help of tutors. Working as a tutor for younger students in maths circles can also serve to fulfil the community involvement requirement of the Gaisce's President Award.




The Boole2School Legacy is a UCC based initiative whose goal is to grow awareness and interest among students about the broader impact of mathematics, exemplified by the unique contribution of George Boole. UCC Brings Boole2School commenced on 2 November 2015 to mark the bicentenary of George Boole; it introduced Boolean mathematics lessons, including puzzles using Minecraft and Candy Crush, to approximately 100,000 children aged 8 to 18 in 51 countries worldwide. Each November we invite schools in Ireland and around the world to join us in celebrating George Boole by using our lesson plans


Visualization of network science - VisNetSci

Need for the project: The goal of this project is to create a pool of visualizations to promote the understanding of network science. This area of applied mathematics has recently seen a boost in both research and teaching. Unfortunately, mathematical theories are often challenging to understand. Similarly, many students struggle to obtain an intuition for empirical datasets.

Aims and objectives: The visualizations that are developed within this project, illustrate theories and data sets in a graphical way. All material will be available online and can be easily included in lectures, summer schools, and public-outreach activities such as the mathematics enrichment circles and UCC open days. They also provide a visual basis for a better student understanding in periods of self-study.

Expected outcomes: An online collection of visualizations will be created, embedded in recently created lectures and designed for students’ self-study outside the classroom. Furthermore, the project will enhance the knowledge and intuitive understanding in a hot area of data science desired or of great interest to current employers increasing students’ employability.

For more details, see project website Visualization of Network Science.

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