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Study Maths


Why Study Maths

The School of Mathematical Sciences offers broadly-based courses for students who wish to develop their mathematical knowledge and ability to a level that is highly valued by employers.

Our students enjoy mathematics, were good at mathematics in school and want to make significant use of their mathematical skills in their careers. This course will help you to capitalise on your interest in mathematics by completing a strongly numerate degree.

You will be able to study a wide range of topics across mathematics, financial mathematics and actuarial science, applied mathematics and statistics, concentrating on the areas you like most.


The Mathematical Sciences, both as a language and as a body of knowledge and technique, have provided the fundamental underpinnings of science and technology for centuries. Today, the influence and applicability of the Mathematical Sciences reaches far beyond the physical sciences and engineering into medicine, business and finance, the life sciences and the social sciences.

Apart from their wide-ranging applications, the Mathematical Sciences are also studied for the elegance and coherence of their ideas and the intellectual challenges they present. Pure mathematicians work on abstract problems independent of any immediate practical application – creating new mathematics, building new mathematical structures and unravelling new mathematical patterns. Applied mathematicians develop analytical and numerical techniques and utilise them in the construction of mathematical models capable of describing a wide range of physical and related phenomena. Statisticians are concerned with the collection, analysis and interpretation of numerical information as a basis for decision-making. Their particular expertise is coping with the variability in data and reducing the uncertainty of conclusions based on such data.

The primary mission of the School is to provide high quality education in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics and to carry out research to the highest international standards in a spirit of community and professional service. Our tradition of excellence dates back to George Boole (1815-1864), the first Professor of Mathematics at UCC.

School of Mathematical Sciences

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