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For Mature Students

Remember, the deadline for Mature Student applications is February 1st 2015 at 5.15pm.

If you wish to speak to Gary about your application, personal statement/statement of interest, fees or grants, please ring 021 490 3671 or email Gary on


University College Cork is committed to the provision of educational opportunities to Mature Students on full-time undergraduate degree programmes, and offers a dedicated support service to them.  The Mature Student Office provides a consultation and advice service to prospective students, gives help and advice on the application procedure and provides support services for Mature Students who are registered on current degree programmes.

Mature Students make a unique contribution to the academic and social life of the university.  There is no stereotypical mature student; they come from a variety of backgrounds, have a wide and eclectic range of interest and have experienced many different lifestyles and careers.  They bring an enormous diversity of experiences with them, which means that they enrich not only the mature student community, but also the university as a whole.

Mary O'Sullivan

Mature Student Officer

Please note: Mature student applications for 2014 have closed. Applications for entry to UCC in 2015 will open mid-November 2014 and will close on the 1st February 2015.


'Celebrating Ten Years with the Mature Student Office'

The office has a long tradition of supporting mature students through their academic journey in the University, and this publication will give you an insight into what it has been like for some of the mature students who have successfully completed their academic journey with us.

Celebrating Ten Years with the Mature Student Office (4,423kB)




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