Music Entrance Test

Instructions for Music Entrance Test University College Cork


The new entrance test will comprise of two parts which all applicants must complete by 27th April 2020:

 Part 1:  Please complete and return the new online application form no later than Monday 27th April 2020, which can be found at the following link:

 Click here to access Application form to be completed and submitted

NB. We require all applicants to complete the online application form regardless of whether you already submitted it previously in hard copy.


Part 2: You are required to submit a video recording to be submitted no later than Monday 27th April 2020 of you performing your chosen instrument/dancing/singing etc., which you can do in either of two ways:


a). You can add a Youtube or Vimeo link to the application form (it is the last option on the form).


b). Alternatively send us your video via to the email address, including your name and CAO application number.


Instructions for video (Please read the following carefully):


  1. At the beginning of the recording, you must state your name and CAO number.
  2. Record your performance of no longer than 5 to 7 minutes using a phone/webcam or other device. (We are not too concerned about the quality of the recording as long as we can get an idea of your capabilities as a performer. If you don’t have access to a device that can record a video, please let us know in advance so an alternative solution can be agreed upon.
  3. Upload the recording to or, and copy a to the video into your application form.
  4. Alternatively, use to send the video to Making sure to add your own name, email address and CAO application number so we know who it's from.



*Please note WeTransfer has a 2GB file size limit


Ideally, send one file, but if you need to send more than one, follow the steps above again.

Depending on the quality of your phone, it may create large-sized files. This may become problematic where you don't have a good broadband or cellular data connection. In this case, try recording at a lower resolution, or use a video compressor from the Android Play Store/IOS app store. If you are still having issues submitting a file, contact for further options.


If there are mitigating circumstances which prevent a student from being able to complete a recording, please contact us at as soon as possible so that alternative arrangements can be discussed and agreed upon as appropriate.


Department of Music

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