Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

Whether you are a school-leaver in Ireland, or a mature student, or a student from another European country or from outside the EU, studying Music at UCC is always an exciting experience. Characterized by optional choice and personal growth, our degree and diploma programmes offer the broadest and richest curriculum to be found in Ireland and one of the richest in the world. Our students find that studying music here is hugely liberating in the way it expands their engagement with what music is and what it can become for them, with no narrowness of approach and no prejudice against any type of music or tradition of music-making, past or present.

BA Arts-Music (CK104)

The BA (Arts-Music) now offers three pathways after first year. You can study for the BA Arts-Music (3yrs), BMus (4 yrs) or the BA Arts-Music International (4yrs). Regardless of which pathway you wish to pursue, in First Year you will take courses providing key foundational skills in Music and two further Arts subjects offered through the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences.

As part of your degree you will gain experience and understanding of music in contemporary society. You will experience classical, popular, jazz, film, Irish traditional and world music. We integrate practical study alongside academic and theoretical courses. You will have a considerable choice of music-related options, allowing you to build up a distinctive profile as a composer, songwriter, performer, producer, educator or worker within the cultural and music industries.


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BA in Music and Drama and Theatre Studies

In this special programme, Music is studied equally with Drama and Theatre Studies (DTS) for Joint Hons. In each of the three years of the programme, the student takes 30 credits of DTS modules and 30 credits of Music modules.

Applications: Candidates apply for CK112 (Drama and Theatre Studies), for which there is an Entrance Test held in the spring: click here for advice provided on the DTS website. Candidates who wish to take Music with DTS for Joint Hons must also take the Music Entrance Test, and it is strongly advised that they take the Music test in the spring so that they find out before the summer whether they are eligible to take Music. To arrange this, they should contact the Department of Music by early April.

Programme regulations: see the entry in UCC’s Calendar. The Music regulations are as for the BA Arts-Music programme, shown here. The Music content for this programme is the same as for BA Arts-Music (CK104), following Joint Honours from year 2.

BA in Music and Chinese Studies

Established since 2007, this is an exciting four-year degree pathway combining our popular BA Arts-Music programme (CK104) with Chinese Studies. BA Arts-Music students eligible for this pathway are those who choose Chinese Studies as one of their first-year subjects and who, for year 2 onwards, opt to take Music and Chinese Studies equally for Joint Honours. The third year is spent at a university in China, after which the student’s final year is taken at UCC.

Programme regulations: see the entry in UCC’s Calendar.The Music regulations are as for the BA Arts-Music programme, shown here. The Music content for this programme is the same as for BA Arts-Music (CK104), following Joint Honours from year 2.

Further information about Chinese Studies at UCC may be found here.

Higher Diploma in Arts (Music)

The Higher Diploma in Arts is provided at UCC for graduates who wish to study intensively for one year a subject other than the subject of their first degree. For instance: the Higher Diploma might be taken in Music by a graduate with, say, an Economics degree who has sufficient musical skills and interests to embark on the course but who does not have a degree in Music. In this way the Higher Diploma acts as an important conversion course between subject areas and enables graduates in non-Music subjects to seek to make themselves eligible for consideration for graduate programmes in Music at masters and doctoral levels.

Although it is a postgraduate qualification in that candidates for it are already graduates, the Higher Diploma in Arts is an undergraduate programme in that it involves undergraduate modules and the level of study required is equivalent to the final year of a primary degree. The programme involves fulltime (daytime) study over two semesters, from late September through to May, or may be taken part-time over two years. It consists, as a minimum, of Music modules to the total 60 credits drawn from years 2-4 of our undergraduate degree programmes in Music (for BA or BMus). Students taking the programme share classes and examinations with our undergraduate students and are regarded as the equivalent of final-year students. Candidates who are inexperienced in music theory and music-notation literacy (reading scores, etc.) will be required to take additional modules in those areas as a condition of being given a place on the programme: in such cases the total credits will be 70.

Candidates who aspire to train as teachers in Music will also need to meet the requirements of the Teaching Council of Ireland, and this will involve taking 20 credits of music modules in addition to the standard 60, thus 80 credits in all. These matters are explained further in our FAQ about this programme.

This is an extremely flexible programme of study that is tailored to suit the interests of the candidate and his/her aspirations for specialization in music. If you are interested in the programme but remain unsure if it is ideal for you, do not hesitate to seek our advice.

Application is made online through the Postgraduate Application Centre atwww.pac.ie: the relevant course-code is CKA20.

Programme regulations: see the entry in UCC’s Calendar

Diploma in Irish Traditional Music

This programme provides an unique opportunity to study Irish traditional music from both academic and practical perspectives. It is a two-semester daytime programme of fulltime study running from late September to early May: students take modules to the value of 60 credits (normally 30 credits per semester).

The programme is designed for students who seek to increase their proficiency and knowledge in Irish traditional music by taking a range of our specialized classes in this area, including lecture courses, a seminar, and performance options, drawn from our BA and BMus degree programmes. Applicants are expected to have either some experience of Irish traditional music or extensive musical abilities in other genres of music, and must satisfy the Head of the Department of Music that they have the skills required to undertake the programme.

How to apply: Application should be made to UCC’s International Education Office by the end of May (although late applicants might be considered). Overseas applicants will be required to submit an audition DVD. Enquiries may be directed to music@ucc.ie

Programme regulations: see the entry in UCC’s Calendar.