General Information

You can find out everything you need to know about studying for a degree in Music at UCC at: https://www.ucc.ie/en/ck104/

Frequently Asked Questions regarding applications with the School of Film, Music and Theatre can be found here: https://www.ucc.ie/en/music-theatre/music/faq/applicants

General information about how to apply can be found at: https://www.ucc.ie/en/study/undergrad/how

Applications are processed by the Central Applications Office (CAO). Visit their website for more information at http://www.cao.ie

For Disability Support Services (DSS) please visit https://www.ucc.ie/en/dss

For Pre-Entry Support you can also visit http://accesscollege.ie for information on HEAR and DARE access routes (Higher Education Access Route - HEAR - and Disability Access Route to Education – DARE)

If you are resident outside Ireland and wish to apply for a full degree programme at UCC, then the application process depends on where you come from:

* If you are an EU citizen, then you apply through the CAO system like Irish students. See the advice from UCC’s Admissions Office at http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/undergrad/how/

* If you are not an EU citizen, then you apply through UCC’s International Education Office: see http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/international/noneu-ug/

* If you are a UK citizen, you are eligible on the same basis as an Irish citizen as per the UK and Ireland Common Travel Area. There is more information on this page: https://www.ucc.ie/en/financeoffice/fees/free-fees/

Please be advised that residents from outside of Ireland who wish to apply for CK104 should also contact music@ucc.ie

If you are already a student at an overseas university and wish to study with us for one or two semesters as an international visiting student, then this set of FAQ does not apply to you. Please see instead the advice given depending on where you come from:

* If you are an EU citizen, https://www.ucc.ie/en/international/studyatucc/visitingeustudents/

* If you are not an EU citizen, https://www.ucc.ie/en/international/studyatucc/visitingusandnoneustudents/




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