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Research Students


Recent Research students

Irene Buckley. Composition. Supervisor: John Godfrey.
Jessica Cawley. The Transmission of Traditional Irish Music: How Musicians Acquire Technical Skill and Repertoire. Supervisor: Mel Mercier.
Anna Dore. Performing Biddy Mulligan: The Music & Comedy of Jimmy O’Dea, 1926-57. Supervisor: Mel Mercier.
Claire Fahy. J. C. Pepusch, ‘Ancient Music’ and His Own Sacred Music. Supervisor: Dr Paul Everett.
Helen Gubbins. Shortwaves, Acetates and Journeyworks: Irish Traditional Music on Early Irish Radio, 1926-1961. Supervisor: Mel Mercier.
Francis Heery. Composition. Supervisor: John Godfrey.
Piaras Hoban. Composition. Supervisors: Dr Jesse Ronneau and John Godfrey.
Daithi Kearney. Towards a Regional Understanding of Irish Traditional Music. Supervisors: Prof. Patrick O’Flanagan (Geography) and Mel Mercier.
Eva McMullen. Texture in Contemporary Music. Supervisor: John Godfrey.
Barry Maher. Composition. Supervisor: Dr Jesse Ronneau and John Godfrey.
Estelle Murphy. The Changing Role of Music at the Stuart Court in the Reign of Queen Anne. Supervisor: Dr Paul Everett.
Deirdre Ní Chonghail. Irish Traditional Music and the Aran Islands. Supervisor: Mel Mercier.
Aoife Ní Grainbheil. Shaping Community Identity through Festivalisation: An Exploration of the Impact of the Tradition of Hunting the Wren in Dingle. Supervisor: Mel Mercier.
Dara O Brien. Practicing Spirituality in North Indian Classical Music. Supervisor: Mel Mercier.
Louise O Riordan. Sound and the Body in the Films of David Lynch. Supervisor: Dr Chris Morris.
Breandan O Ruaigh. Composition. Supervisor: John Godfrey.
Dylan Rynhart. Composition informed by speech melodies. Supervisor: John Godfrey.
Serena Standley. Fashioning a Count: Mario Bevilacqua. Supervisor: Dr Melanie Marshall.
Giordai Ua Laoghaire. Composition. Supervisor: John Godfrey.
Ann Cleare. Composition. MPhil, 2008. Supervisor: John Godfrey.
Derek Cremin. The Internet as a Research Tool for Musicology. PhD, 2008. Supervisor: Dr Paul Everett.
Rhoda Dullea. Nation, race and religion in Franz Liszt's Des bohemiens et de leur musique en Hongrie. PhD, 2005. Supervisor: Dr Christopher Morris.
Michelle Finnerty. Connecting Classroom and Community: Music in Primary Level Education in Ireland. MPhil, 2008. Supervisor: Mr Mel Mercier.
Elaine Guinane. The High Road to Lowbrow: Rachmaninoff in America. MPhil, 2000.
Sonya Keogh. Ina Boyle (1889-1967): A Life and Work. MPhil, 2003. Supervisor: Prof. David Cox.
Claire Launchbury. The Interaction of Vocal Dance Song with Secular Polyphony in the Ars Antiqua and Ars Nova. MPhil, 2003. Supervisor: Dr Yolanda Plumley.
Brigid McKinney Song of Eoghan: The Tradition of Singing in Inishowen, Co. Donegal. MPhil, 2004. Supervisor: Mr Mel Mercier.
Eva McMullan. Peter Maxwell Davies: An Interdisciplinary Approach. MPhil, 2004. Supervisor: Prof. David Cox.
Nicholas McMurry. A Study and Critical Edition of Le Due Passioni (1705) by Marc’ Antonio Ziani (1635-1715). MPhil, 2003. Supervisor: Dr Paul Everett.
Emily Magner. Composition. MPhil, 2008. Supervisor: Dr Marcus Zagorski.
Sarah O’Halloran. Unspeakable Cults and Practices: A Study of Gerald Barry’s Operas. MPhil, 2006. Supervisor: Dr Christopher Morris.
Aisling Roche. Gender and Sexuality in Ethel Smyth’s ‘The Wreckers’. MPhil, 2002. Supervisor: Dr Christopher Morris.
Keith Pascoe. The Legacy of Luigi Boccherini: Problems and Solutions. MPhil, 2006. Supervisor: Dr Paul Everett.

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