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MRes Boole Fellowship

2024_25 Scheme

Memorandum and Guidelines – MRes Boole Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences, School of Mathematical Sciences(SOMS), University College Cork.

The Boole Fellowship in Mathematical Sciences is an initiative funded by the School of Mathematical Sciences University College Cork to support suitable students develop research proposals that address new and emerging fields of research. The School encourages both disciplinary as well as interdisciplinary proposals integrating information, techniques, tools and perspectives across all of the Mathematical Sciences. Applicants should approach academic staff attached to the School of Mathematical Sciences prior to applying and in their application provide names of at least two academic staff who are willing to support the application as potential supervisors. An interest and willingness to assist supporting undergraduate teaching is preferred.


The awardee will be supported by

· A stipend of €18,500 fixed 1-year duration (Rate linked to IRC rates);

· A contribution to fees, including non-EU fees, up to a maximum of UCC EU listed rates;

· Eligible research expenses up to €1000;

· Office space in the School Research Labs.


Objectives for the successful candidate: During your time at the School of Mathematical Sciences, you will become part of a research community with further opportunities to collaborate and network with staff across the school. You will be required to participate in relevant academic activities organised within the school and participate in any organisational role if called upon to do so. You will be encouraged to submit at least one manuscript for publication in an appropriate peer-reviewed journal. You will be required to submit an application to the Irish Research Council (IRC) when the call for applications open usually in October each year. To allow sufficient time for this application the Boole Fellowships would normally commence in July annually.


In line with the Athena Swan Charter the School of Mathematical Sciences is fully committed to the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion working with the EDI unit and wider partners in support of the University Strategic Plan.


Interested applicants should complete the following form MRes Boole Fellowship.

Applications must be submitted before 17.00 on Thursday 21st March 2024, via email to


Applications will be evaluated by the School, and we endeavour to give a timely decision to students to aid their own plans for further postgraduate study.

School of Mathematical Sciences

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