Boole Lectures in Philosophy

Semester 1, 2023-24



  • September 19, 2-4pm
    GIACOMO ROMANO (University of Siena, Italy)
    ‘The Illusion of Knowing Oneself’

  • September 26, 2-4pm
    MARY EDWARDS (University of Cardiff)
    ‘Being Outside Ourselves: A New Sartrean Account
    of the Self-Body Relation’

  • October 10, 2-4pm
    EMMA DORE-HORGAN (VU University, Amsterdam)
    ‘Rehabilitative Justice: Respect for Persons as
    Social Beings’

  • October 24, 2-4pm
    WILLIAM TUCKWELL (Charles Sturt University)
    ‘Knowledge, Oppression, and Inquiry’

  • October 31, 2-4pm
    JOE HUMPHREYS (Irish Times)
    ‘What Philosophy can Learn from Journalism’

  • November 7, 2-4pm
    HELEN BEEBEE (University of Leeds)
    ‘Making Progress in Philosophy’

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