Our People

  • Juliana de Albuquerque [email] - Existentialism, German Literature, German Philosophy and Intellectual History
  • Bengt Autzen [email] - Philosophy of science, particularly the philosophy of biology and the philosophy of medicine; formal epistemology.
  • Vittorio Bufacchi [email] - Political philosophy, especially human rights, social justice, structural injustice, theories of violence, just war theory; Applied ethics. Website here.
  • Colette Connolly [email] - Department Adminstrator
  • Katy Dineen [email] - Ethics and political philosophy, particularly Kant, feminism, childism and the philosophy of education.
  • Jason Dockstader [email] - History of philosophy; Comparative philosophy; Metaethics; Moral psychology
  • Adam Loughnane [email] - Intercultural philosophy and comparison among the phenomenological and aesthetic traditions of Europe (Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger) and East-Asia (Nishida, Ueda, Buddhism, Daoism); Artistic/linguistic expression; Motor-perception; Non-duality; Non-theistic conceptions of Faith; Intercultural meta-comparative methodology.
  • Kian Mintz-Woo [email] - Applied ethics (especially climate and medical ethics, such as climate policy in the context of COVID-19); metaethics (especially moral ontology); philosophy of science (especially philosophy of economics and climate science); political philosophy (especially the role of moral experts in society, public communication and political philosophy methodology).
  • Julie Reshe [email] - existential philosophy; continental philosophy; negative psychoanalysis; depressive realism; anxiety, trauma, depression, and suicide studies; philosophy of love, motherhood and childhood. Website here.
  • Don Ross [email] – Philosophy of economics; Economic experiments; Risk; Addiction; Evolution of sociality and selfhood in humans and other animals; Scientific metaphysics. 
  • Alessandro Salice [email] - Philosophy of Mind, especially collective intentionality, emotion theory, psychopathology, social cognition; Phenomenology, especially early phenomenology and the Brentano School. Academia.edu page here.
  • Joel Walmsley [email] - Philosophy of Cognitive Science and AI; Philosophy of science; Philosophy of mind; Emergence and C.D. Broad. Website here.

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Miguel Garcia Godinez - IRC Postdoctoral Fellow at UCC Philosophy (2022-2024). His research interests lie at the intersection between philosophy of law, social ontology, and meta-ethics. Website here

Department of Philosophy

2,3 & 4 Elderwood, College Road, Cork