Post-doctoral Fellows 2016/2017:


Research Fellows 2016/2017:

  • Dr. Barty Begley
  • Dr. Elaine O'Connell
  • Dr. Yu Lan


Former Staff Members:

The major administrative duties within the department are handled by the following staff members. If you have a question relating to any of these categories, feel free to e-mail the appropriate person.

  • Department Administrator: Colette Connolly (e-mail:, telephone: +353 (0)21 490-2588)
  • Head of Department: Professor Don Ross 
  • Director of Graduate Studies: Dr. Alessandro Salice
  • Directors of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Vittorio Bufacchi and Dr. Joel Walmsley

 Semester 2 

  • Vittorio Bufacchi: Mondays 10am-12 noon (First Floor, 3 Elderwood)
  • Brian Carey: Thursdays 2-3pm and by appointment (Top Floor, 2 Elderwood)
  • Colette Connolly: Monday-Wednesday 10am-12.30pm & 2.30-4pm, Friday 10am-12.30pm (Ground Floor, 4 Elderwood)
  • Jason Dockstader: On sabbatical in semester 2
  • Mary Edwards: Wednesdays 2-4pm (Ground Floor, 4 Elderwood)
  • Adam Loughnane: Thursdays 10am-12 noon (Top Floor, 4 Elderwood)
  • Cara Nine: Mondays 3-4pm, Wednesdays 1-2pm and also by appointment (First Floor, 3 Elderwood)
  • Lilian O’Brien: Mondays 2-4pm (Top Floor, 3 Elderwood)
  • Xiao Ouyang: Wednesdays 2-5pm (Top Floor, 2 Elderwood)
  • Don Ross: Mondays 11am-12 noon, Wednesdays 2.30-3.30pm also by appointment (First Floor, 4 Elderwood)
  • Alessandro Salice: Tuesdays 2.30-3.30pm (Top Floor, 4 Elderwood)
  • Joel Walmsley: Mondays 12 noon-2pm (Top Floor, 3 Elderwood)




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