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Modules and Timetable 2023-24

Undergraduate Teaching Arrangements for 2023-24

Below is a summary of timetable details and mode of teaching in Philosophy undergraduate modules for the coming academic year. Full details will be available on CANVAS module pages, and in course year booklets 1st Year Philosophy Booklet, 2023-242nd Year Philosophy Booklet, 2023-24 (updated 24th January 2024), and 3rd Year Philosophy Booklet 2023-24); you should also feel free to email the lecturer for any module if you require more detail. (The MA Philosophy Handbook 2023-24 and PhD Philosophy Handbook 2023-24 can be accessed here.) 

Note: in 2023-24, in line with UCC policy, lectures will be recorded and made available only where necessary for those students registered with Disability Support Services.

First-Year Philosophy:

More details can be found in the 1st Year Philosophy Booklet, 2023-24

  • PH1001 (Introduction to Philosophy, 1st and 2nd Semester) and PH1005 (Philosophy and Social Science: An Introduction, 1st Semester Only):
    • Schedule: Mondays 3-4pm Boole 3; Wednesdays 12 noon-1pm Boole 2; Thursdays 10-11am Boole 3.
    • Tutorials: Students are required to sign up for one tutorial discussion group. Further details will be available via Canvas and in the Course Handbook.

Second-Year Philosophy:

If you have specific questions about a module, you should feel free to email the lecturer. Further details are also available in the 2nd Year Philosophy Booklet, 2023-24 (updated 24 January 2024).

Important Notice 2nd Year Introductory Lecture - This lecture will take place 11am-12 noon, Tuesday 12th September, 2023, in Cummins Building Room G10.  All second year students taking Philosophy modules should attend this important session, if possible.

2023-2024 First Semester Modules:

  • PH2002 Reasoning and Argument – Dr. Joel Walmsley
    • Tuesdays 11am-12 noon: Cummins Building (formerly Civil Eng Building) G10
    • Thursdays 9-10am: Cummins Building (formerly Civil Eng Building) G10
  • PH2004 An Introduction to Political Philosophy – Dr. Vittorio Bufacchi
    • Mondays 11am-12 noon, Kane B10A
    • Wednesdays 10-11am, Boole 6
  • PH2023 Chinese Philosophy – Mr. David Walsh
    • Mondays 1-2pm, Western Gateway Building G09
    • Wednesdays 12 noon-1pm, Kane G18
  • PH2033 Phenomenology and Mind – Dr. Alessandro Salice
    • Tuesdays 4-5pm, Boole 6
    • Thursdays 12 noon – 1pm, O’Rahilly Building 255
  • PH2034 Capitalism and Welfare – Prof. Don Ross
    • Mondays 3-4pm WGB G13
    • Tuesdays 1-2pm Kane B10A
  • PH2035 Roman Political Thought: Cicero – Dr. Vittorio Bufacchi
    • Wednesdays 1-2pm WW5
    • Thursdays 10-11am AL G18
  • PH2036 Existentialism - Dr. Juliana De Albuquerque
    • Mondays 10-11am Boole 6
    • Tuesdays 9-10am WW9

2023-2024 Second Semester Modules:

  • PH2006 Philosophy of Mind and Consciousness – Dr. Joel Walmsley
    • Monday 11am-12noon, Boole 5
    • Wednesdays 2-3pm WW6
  • PH2012 Philosophy of Knowledge – Dr. Bengt Autzen
    • Mondays 1-2pm Aras na Laoi G18
    • Wednesdays 11am-12 noon Boole 6
  • PH2013 Philosophy of Art - Dr. Adam Loughnane
    • Tuesdays 10-11am ORB255
    • Thursdays 12 noon-1pm West Wing 9
  • PH2017 Feminist Philosophy – Dr. Julie Reshe
    • Tuesdays 2-3pm O’Rahilly Bldg 212
    • Thursdays 3-4pm O’Rahilly Bldg 212
  • PH2018 Violence and War - Dr. Vittorio Bufacchi
    • Mondays 3-4pm, Boole 2
    • Wednesdays 9-10am, Cavanagh Pharmacy Building LG51
  • PH2019 Philosophy of Science –Dr. Bengt Autzen and Prof. Don Ross
    • Mondays 10-11am ORB 123
    • Thursdays 1-2pm West Wing 5
  • PH2028 Applied Ethics – Dr. Juliana De Albuquerque
    • Tuesdays 3-4pm, Food Science Bldg A1
    • Thursday 4-5pm, Boole 2
  • GR2041 Animals and the Environment in Graeco-Roman Philosophy - Dr. Crystal Addey, Department of Classics. Email 
    • Tuesdays 12-1pm, WGB G15 (weeks 24-26) and Boole 5 (weeks 27-33, 36-37)
    • Wednesdays 4-5pm, Kane G20N

Third-Year Philosophy:

If you have specific questions about a module, you should feel free to email the lecturer. Further details are also available in the 3rd Year Philosophy Booklet 2023-24

Important Notice 3rd Year Introductory Lecture - This lecture will take place 12 noon-1pm, Tuesday 12th September, 2023, in West Wing 9.  All third year students taking Philosophy modules should attend this important session, if possible.

2023-24 First Semester Modules:

  • *PH3002 Research Essay - Various Staff
    • To be decided by supervisors 
  • PH3025 Political Philosophy in Theory and Practice - Dr. Vittorio Bufacchi
    • Tuesdays 4-5pm, FSB 322
    • Thursdays 1-2pm, WGBG14 
  • PH3036 Moral Psychology 1 - Dr. Jason Dockstader & Dr. Alessandro Salice
    • Mon 12 noon - 1pm, ORB212
    • Thurs 11-12 noon, WW9 
  • PH3042 Professional Ethics - Dr. Julie Reshe
    • Mon 2-3pm, WW6
    • Weds 11am-12 noon, ORB255 
  • PH3044 Social Ontology - Dr. Alessandro Salice
    • Tuesdays 1-2pm, ORB132
    • Thursdays 3-4pm, Kane G07 
  • PH3110 Human Nature and Free Will - Dr. Joel Walmsley
    • Tuesdays 12 noon-1pm WW9
    • Thursdays 12 noon -1pm AL G18 
  • PH3113 Philosophy of Existence and Death - Dr. Julie Reshe
    • Mondays 4-5pm Boole 5
    • Wednesdays 2-3pm ORB132 
  • AS3009 Religious and Philosophical Traditions of Korea (10 credits) - Dr. Kevin Cawley (Dept. of Asian Studies)
    • Mon 3-5pm, C_WW_4 (lecture)
    • Weds 11am-12 noon, C_AL_G19 (seminar) 


2023-24 Second Semester Modules:

  • *PH3031 Research Essay 2 - Various Staff
    • To be decided by staff 
  • PH3035 Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence - Dr. Joel Walmsley
    • Tuesday 12noon-1pm, Boole 6
    • Thursday 1-2pm, Kane B10A 
  • PH3039 Japanese Philosophy - Dr. Adam Loughnane
    • Mondays 1-2pm, ORB156
    • Wednesdays 1-2pm, Kane G02 
  • PH3041 Moral Psychology 2 - Dr. Jason Dockstader
    • Tuesdays 4-5pm, WGB G15
    • Thursdays 10-11am, Kane G18
  • PH3048 Moral Philosophy in Theory and Practice - Dr. Kian Mintz-Woo
    • Wednesdays 10-11am, Boole 6
    • Thursdays 3-4pm, ORB 123  

*Students who take PH3002 in semester 1 cannot take PH3031 in semester 2.

Department of Philosophy

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