Katy Dineen

Name: Katy Dineen
Position: Assistant Lecturer
T: 353 (0)21 4902588
F: 353 (0)21 4276079
E: katy.dineen@ucc.ie

Katy Dineen


Katy Dineen is an assistant lecturer with the Department of Philosophy. Her research interests are in value theory, moral education, philosophy of children and childhood and Immanuel Kant. Prior to joining the department, Katy held a research fellowship at the University of Birmingham. Katy completed her PhD in political theory at the London School of Economics.

Peer-reviewed publications:

  • Harrison, T., Dineen, K. and Moller, F. (2021) "Tests of life or life of tests?: similarities and differences in parents’ and teachers’ prioritisation of character, academic attainment, the virtues and moral theories." Journal of Beliefs and Values
  • Adami, R. and Dineen, K. "Discourses of Childism: How covid-19 Has Unveiled Prejudice, Discrimination and Social Injustice against Children in the Everyday." The International Journal of Children's Rights. [Online]
  • Dineen, K. (forthcoming) “Moral education and gendered socialisation.” Educational Theory
  • Dineen, K. (2021) “Mary Wollstonecraft and Harriet Taylor Mill on Women, Education, and Gender Socialization.” in Megan Laverty and Tal Gilead (eds) Education in the Age of Enlightenment, New York and London: Columbia University Press and Bloomsbury.
  • Roth, K., Mollvik, L., Alshoufani, R., Adami, R., Dineen, K., Majlesi, F., Peters, M. and Tesar, M. (2020) “Philosophy of education in a new key: Constraints and possibilities in present times with respect to dignity.” Educational Philosophy and Theory,
  • Dineen, K. (2019) “The Kantian idea of hope – Bridging the gap between our imperfection and our duty to perfect ourselves.” Educational Philosophy and Theory, DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2019.1624525
  • Dineen, K. (2018) “Kant, emotion and autism: towards an inclusive approach to character education.” Ethics and Education, DOI:10.1080/17449642.2018.1505150

Other Publications:





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