What is Pathology?

Pathology is the scientific study of disease.

It is the basis for the understanding and practice of modern medicine.

Clinical Pathology includes the following subdivisions:
Histopathology:  Diagnosis of disease in tissues
Cytopathology:  Diagnosis of disease in isolated cells
Haematology:  Disorders of blood
Microbiology:  Infectious diseases and organisms responsible
Immunology:  Specific defence mechanisms of the body
Chemical pathology:  Chemical changes in tissues and fluids
Toxicology: The effects of known or suspected poisons
Forensic pathology:  Pathology application to legal purposes and investigation of sudden and unexplained death
Molecular pathology:  Molecular study of disease

Prospective undergraduate students wishing to develop a career in Pathology should note that a medical degree must first be obtained, after which a speciality in pathology may be undertaken. More information can be obtained at the Royal College of Pathologists website here.


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