What is Pathology?

What is Pathology?

Pathology is the scientific study of disease.

It is the basis for the understanding and practice of modern medicine.

Clinical Pathology includes the following subdivisions:
Histopathology:  Diagnosis of disease in tissues
Cytopathology:  Diagnosis of disease in isolated cells
Haematology:  Disorders of blood
Microbiology:  Infectious diseases and organisms responsible
Immunology:  Specific defence mechanisms of the body
Chemical pathology:  Chemical changes in tissues and fluids
Toxicology: The effects of known or suspected poisons
Forensic pathology:  Pathology application to legal purposes and investigation of sudden and unexplained death
Molecular pathology:  Molecular study of disease

Prospective undergraduate students wishing to develop a career in Pathology should note that a medical degree must first be obtained, after which a speciality in pathology may be undertaken. More information can be obtained at the Royal College of Pathologists website here.




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