Industry and Enterprise Partners

Industry and Enterprise Partners

Sustainable Futures is led by University College Cork in collaboration with Maynooth University, Atlantic Technological University and multiple industry partners. Sustainable Futures enterprise partners include Microsoft, Musgraves, Carbery Group, Quinn Industrial Holdings and Glenveagh Properties. These represent a cross-section of commercially important sectors nationally. Sustainable Futures is committed to working closely with our current and future enterprise partners to design and deliver climate action and sustainability in enterprise solutions and educational programmes. 

Sustainable Futures Lab and Sustainable Futures Hub

The Sustainable Futures Lab is located in the School of Engineering & Architecture on the main campus at University College Cork. The Sustainable Futures Hub is located at the Environmental Research Institute at University College Cork. Both are open for business, industry, enterprise and large organisations to meet, engage and collaborate with our Sustainable Futures team and broader academic and research community. We are always open. Visit us!  





Sustainable Futures

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