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About Sustainable Futures

Sustainable Futures is focused on climate action, environmental sustainability, and achieving net zero in industry and enterprise. It aims to empower leaders to act so that humans and nature can thrive for generations to come.

Our community, collaborative environment and educational programmes will produce leaders who are equipped to lead the transition to a sustainable and net zero future. Funded by the Higher Education Authority’s Human Capital Initiative, Sustainable Futures is led by University College Cork in collaboration with Maynooth University, Atlantic Technological University and multiple industry partners.

Student Testimonials

It not only addressed the knowledge gap that I had, but it opened my eyes to the numerous challenges but also significant opportunities for organisations transitioning to a sustainable business model.

Cliona Moore O'Halloran

Sustainable Business & Project Consultant

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Undertaking modules in a variety of disciplines provided the opportunity to adopt a holistic approach when assessing situations - something of great importance as we transition to the green economy.

Kenneth Lyons

Director, KL Communications and Co Host at the Green Room

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Completing the HDip in Sustainability in Enterprise not only gave me the fundamental understanding of sustainability, it has armed me with the skills required to make a positive change in our world.

Shannen Healy

Project Coordinator - Codema, Dublin’s Energy Agency

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The modules were very distinct and brought a focus onto various aspects of sustainability in enterprise that can be applied in many professional settings.

Kevin Corrigan

Sustainability Lead - SGS

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It has been a rich, rewarding experience that has already enabled me to influence the strategy of our business towards a more sustainable future and contribute to conversations in the wider community

Claire O'Rourke

Sustainability Manager, Wexford Bus

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News from Sustainable Futures

10 Nov 2023

Sustainable Futures will welcome Mary Robinson for major climate conference

University College Cork’s Sustainable Futures project will host the inaugural Sustainable Futures Forum on November 27th 2023. To coincide with the COP28 global climate negotiations, the Sustainable Futures Forum will be a high-level forum for discussing solutions to critical sustainability and climate issues relevant in a national and international context. Visit our website to view the full programme and our speakers and panelists.
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18 Sep 2023

Culture Night: Storytelling for Sustainable Futures

A night of new stories on climate action and sustainable futures. We all need stories that enable us to see, believe in and act on the possibilities for change. We need to chart new directions to leave the old stories behind. On this Culture Night, we will gather at the Sustainable Futures Lab to discuss what drives our ideas to shape and imagine the future we long for. We will find stories of liveable cities and futures, stories that motivate and empower us to be creative and to do what it takes to make the world we need. To change our relationship to the physical world and each another means changing how we think about everything – joy, power, time, space, nature, value, what constitutes a good life, what matters, and how change happens. Jointly, we will paint a picture of how these different stories come together to build hope for a new world.
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08 Aug 2023

Sustainable Futures launches 3 Micro Credentials

We are delighted to announce that we are now accepting applications for our first three Micro Crentials. Micro Credentials from our flagship Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainability in Enterprise programme will ensure stackable, flexible and agile Sustainability education offerings, both nationally and across the EU. The content of these Micro Credentials has been informed by Sustainable Futures enterprise and industry partners, and students will leave with a toolkit of practical skills on how to embed sustainability in their organisation. Each Micro Credential is a Level 9, 10-credit module delivered fully online by UCC or by one of our Sustainable Futures partner institutions. The micro-credentials are stackable towards the PG Cert qualification. 
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30 Jun 2023

Sustainable Futures attends HCI Midterm Conference

The Higher Education Authority (HEA) launched its mid-term evaluation report on the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) Pillar 3 projects on 29 June 2023, as part of the Collaboration Nation conference event at the Convention Centre Dublin.
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Industry and Enterprise Partners

Sustainable Futures works closely with industry and enterprise to design and deliver cutting-edge climate action and sustainability solutions, and educational programmes. Find out more or learn how you can become a partner.

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World Leading Research

Sustainable Futures is informed by world leading interdisciplinary research in sustainability.

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Sustainable Futures

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