DPS 2021

DPS Group: Design Challenge 2021

Presented by:- 

Stephen Judd Process           SME BioTech at DPS Group Global

In Attendance:-

Mark White                             Europe Engineering Director at DPS Group Global


DPS Group is a global consulting, engineering and construction management company, serving high-tech industries around the world.
With industry experts in key locations in Europe, the U.S., Asia and the Middle East, bringing world class resources and the latest innovative technologies to every project.
Design Challenger
1:-    Write a design specification for a chemical reactor system that involves the following:

  • A reaction mixture that is corrosive to stainless steel
  • Solid addition of a Pyrophoric catalyst
  • Controlled rate addition of a liquid reagent (controlled rate required to control the exotherm)
  • A closed sampling system

2:- Draft a PFD for a single-use production bioreactor system which should include the following:

  • The bioreactor and all required ancillary equipment
  • Equipment required for a Perfusion approach

3:- Outline the considerations associated with a single-use technology assessment for a microbial fermenter (stainless steel Vs single-use).

4.:- Outline the design features that need to be included for an SPPS reactor system relating to Process and Operator Safety.

5:- Outline the design considerations associated with effective cleaning and sterilisation of a production Bioreactor, this should include:

  • Sanitary design features associated with the bioreactor
  • CIP design considerations
  • SIP design considerations

The winning entry was selected on the basis of:-

  • Adherence to assignment brief
  • Technical evaluation
  • Level of research undertaken
  • Conclusions drawn
  • Structure and language

2021-22 Winner – Daniel Cullinane (5th Year)

Daniel’s report, contained a high level of research over and above just referring to the documents provided for the challenge and included additional technical information that was not specifically included in the supporting lecture. The report was of a quality that set it apart from the general submissions to win the design challenge.

Award:               Apple iWatch

Process and Chemical Engineering

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