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Graduate Feedback

Feedback from Graduates

The following are comments from recent graduates of the programme, provided as part of the formal feedback process for the programme:

‘This course has an excellent structure allowing participants to carry out further education whilst still working full-time. The structure of this course should be used as a baseline for other educational institutions as an excellent means of providing further education for full time working professionals.’

 ‘Overall, enjoyed the course, found it relevant to my work in the pharm industry. Would recommend to colleagues.’

‘The organisation structure was good the time table, exams were properly laid and it suited me as working fulltime it’s really suited me to come down during weekend and study also the exams structure was good.’

‘I have recommended this course to colleagues and friends – I hold this course and its content in high regard’

'Prior to the job I am in now, my background was in production management in various other industries.  I chose this course as I felt I needed a formal pharmaceutical based qualification and a driver to learn in greater detail the technology I work with every day and the scientific principles behind it. Also, I wanted to have a better understanding of the other facets of this industry, which is difficult to achieve when you are pigeon holed in your own particular area. '

'The thesis element of the course I found the most satisfying as I chose a subject closely related to my work and as a result the level of understanding achieved will stand to me and be a source of encouragement/confidence to continue to learn long after the ink has dried on the parchment.'

Process and Chemical Engineering

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