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Graduate Feedback

Feedback from Graduates

The Diploma Course has attracted a large number of applications locally from the leading national and international companies in the Process Industry.  The feedback we receive is always positive and a sample is provided below: 


         “Yes, I found the course to be well organised.  The lecturer was always punctual and seemed keen to teach even though it was late on a Tuesday evening and after a days work, we mightn’t have been as eager to learn.”


         “Very well organised; excellent lecturers – very easy to listen to and made it interesting.”


         “Good topics on heat transfer, materials of construction, equipment integrity, fluid flow, powder handling which were relevant to unit operations of crystallisation, filtration, drying etc. which I encounter on a daily basis on the production floor.”  


         “Course was relevant to my work as I am involved in change management at a pharmaceutical plant. Having the basics is critical for this.”


         “I work as an analytical development chemist in a pharma company so the course was very relevant to giving me an understanding of the overall running of the plant in general.  Mass balances & powder handling & material selection were very relevant.” 


         “I found the course helpful as I know now some basics in fluid mechanics, control of systems etc. and can converse with the engineers on-site more readily.”


         “Course overall was excellent, notes provided were very well presented, course was well researched.  Good idea to include sample exam questions and solutions in manual.” 


         “Certain units had very comprehensive notes on topics covered as well as lecture slides contained in handbook & these made understanding the topics involved much easier.” 


         “The organisation of the programme was very satisfactory. The pace was enough to keep you interested while not putting too much pressure on, which is important in that we all have jobs which take priority – the course did not feel like it was impinging on work.”


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