Eli Lilly Awards Recipients 2011-12

Eli Lilly Award for Excellence in Process & Chemical Engineering

Recipients 2011-2012


  Outstanding Contribution*

  Hugh Boylan

  Class of 2012

 ‌ Kate O'Sullivan‌

  Class of 2013

  Sean Daly

  Class of 2014

  John Leonard

  Class of 2015

  Brian Twomey  


*In 2007-8 a new award was created which will be presented only when it is felt that a given student has excelled such as to merit its conferring, and therefore this award may not be necessarily awarded every year:- 
This award is presented to a student who has excelled in developing or fostering the development of a special aspect of the department/discipline:- 
"Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Process & Chemical Engineering"  

In 2011-12 it was again decided to make this award. It was presented to Hugh Boylan for his exceptional contribution to promoting the special bond that exists between the staff and students through his work as Class Rep. Hugh was also hugely inclusive of all students and always mindful of fostering good relations and strong team spirit among all of the students of the BE (Hons) Process & Chemical Engineering through his role as Chair of the Process & Chemical Engineering Society. His organisation of various social events throughout the year eased the transition to college of many of the new students in the programme.


Process and Chemical Engineering

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