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Outreach & Links

Outreach, Industry & Links

UCC Process & Chemical Engineering maintains extensive links with industry partners, in particular in the locally important biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and food sectors. This extends to industry support for teaching and research positions, student industry placements, graduate employment (see ‘history and alumni’), student awards and scholarship (see ‘Undergraduate Awards’), provision of industry oriented postgraduate and continuing and professional development programmes (see ‘Postgraduates and Continuing Education’), co-funded, collaborative and industry oriented research (see ‘Research’), industry supported lectures, presentations and projects, and academic-industry-professional body nexus activities.

 With respect to the latter, Dr Denis Ring, who is Process & Chemical Engineering Industry Liaison & Communications lead, with special responsibility for professional industry liaison, is Chair and a founder member of the IChemE All Ireland Members Group. Dr Maria de Sousa Gallagher has special responsibility for industry research links, while Industry Liaison & Communications is also promoted by Anne-Marie McSweeney (Communications), Dr Kevin Cronin and Prof Edmond Byrne (Strategy).

 If you or your organisation would like to work with us in any of the above ways in supporting the provision of a strong and healthy pipeline of award winning Process & Chemical Engineering graduates from University College Cork, please do get in touch with us.

 The following are among the companies who are among our closest industry partners and supporters:

  • Eli Lilly
  • Janssen
  • Project Management Group (PM Group)
  • Abbvie

 Below are relevant Process & Chemical Engineering related internet links.

Online Laboratory Practicals

Online Virtual Heat Exchanger (developed in-house)

iLough-Lab Portal (LoughBorough University Chemical Eng Department)

DI-WFI Models

Please click on links to access Excel based deterministic / stochastic models to simulate volume and schedule uncertainties for an industrial size Deionised Water (DI) and Water for Injection (WFI) system (image below).

Ref: Riedewald, F., Byrne, E. and Cronin, K. (2012) A stochastic model for performance analysis of pharmaceutical high purity water systems, Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 21 (1) 26–38.



DI-WFI System Stochastic Model

 From this webpage a deterministic / stochastic model to simulate volume and schedule uncertainties of industrial size Deionised Water (DI) and Water for Injection (WFI) or WFI only can be downloaded as a zipped Excel file. The model is programmed in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which is part of the standard version of Excel 2003. The model utilise discrete-event simulation to calculate the demand profile from the distribution system and a continuous simulation to find the variation of the level in the storage tank over the simulation time horizon. The Monte Carlo method is used to solve the demand profile of the stochastic model. The proposed program may be utilised to size or analyse the performance of other utilities in the chemical industry such as heat transfer media, steam, etc.


Fuzzy Logic WFI Simulation

 The operating performance of Deionized and Water for Injection (DI/WFI) distribution systems can be difficult to analyse due to the highly variable demand that is drawn from these systems; a situation compounded by schedule uncertainties.  This model contains a Fuzzy Logic (FL) model of a typical DI/WFI system simulating schedule uncertainties in the opening and closing events of the off take valves based on operator behaviour e.g. tiredness of the operators.  The model utilises discrete-event simulation to calculate the demand profile of the distribution system and a continuous simulation to compute the variation of the level in the storage tank.

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