Eli Lilly Awards 2009-10

Bryan Crowley (Eli Lilly and Class of 2008), Rob Scallan (Eli Lilly), Dr Jorge Oliveira (Head of Department), Charlie Dolan (Eli Lilly), John Kiely (Eli Lilly), Hugh Kelly (Eli Lilly)

Eli Lilly Awards 2009-2010

Eli Lilly Award for Excellence in Process & Chemical Engineering

Recipients 2009-2010


The awards were held in the Food Science Building, Room A1, UCC on Thursday 4th February 2010.
Charles Dolan of Eli Lilly made the presentations and John Kiely, Head of Process Engineering at Lilly, Dunderrow performed the keynote address on the night. Rob Scallan spoke about life as a Chemical Engineering at Lilly, and Hugh W. Kelly spoke about pioneering developments in the area of biopharmaceuticals. Bryan Crowley (Class of 2008) also attended.


Outstanding contribution*

 Kevin Gibson

Class of 2010

 Brian Schäfer

Class of 2011

 Laura Sheehan

Class of 2012

 Jahziel Pasco

Class of 2013

 Alan Crowley

*In 2007-8 a new award was created which will be presented only when it is felt that a given student has excelled such as to merit its conferring, and therefore this award may not be necessarily awarded every year:-
This award is presented to a student who has excelled in developing or fostering the development of a special aspect of the department/discipline:-
"Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Process & Chemical Engineering" 

In 2009-10 it was decided to make this award. This award was presented to Kevin Gibson for his exceptional contribution to promoting the special bond that exists between the staff and students through his work as Peer Support Leader of the uLink Peer Support Scheme. This scheme aims to ease the transition between school and college by appointing mentors to new students in their first year. Kevin also implemented a year-on-year system in the Department, with students in more senior years acting as mentors to those in years below.

Process and Chemical Engineering

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