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Duration & Organisation

Course Structure & Timetable

Assignment Submission Cover Sheet (54kB)    

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Features include:

  • Full set of comprehensive notes and assignments provided for each module.
  • 2 x 16 week (teaching & learning & assessment) periods per annum.
  • Choice of up to 4 x 5 credit modules covered per period.
  • 'Start up' sessions over 2 days (0.5 days per 5 credit module) (4 contact hours per 5 credit module) (Fridays and Saturdays in early September & early January).
  • Followed up by 'Tutorial Sessions' (every 2/3 weeks on Saturdays) on respective modules throughout term. Tutorial sessions will involve 6 contact hours.
  • Complemented by regular feedback available weekly on each module during teaching period. 
  • Assessment by Modules Assignments, Continuous Assessment and End of Period Exams.

Process and Chemical Engineering

Innealtóireacht Próiseas agus Cheimiceach

Room 312, 3rd floor, Food Science Building, University College Cork