Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Study

The Department currently offers students the ability to pursue an MRes, MPhil or PhD in Greek and Roman Civilisation, where the first takes one year on a full-time basis, the second takes two years, and the third takes three or more years. To see the relevant information within the University Calendar for the degree of MRes, click here, for the degree of MPhil, click here, and for the degree of PhD, click here. Because of the duration and nature of study for these degrees, potential students are normally limited in their choice of supervisor to a full-time, permanent academic (currently Dr D. Woods, Dr C. Ware and Dr S. Faust), and to a choice of topic that falls within their research competencies. Please contact the potential supervisor directly for further discussion.

Previous Theses

PhD Theses

  1. Maurice Duggan (1949), Plutarch's Life of Flaminius
  2. John P. Fogarty (1958), The Attitude of the Eastern Provinces to Rome From 146 to 31 B.C.
  3. Christopher P. Gaynor (1973), Isocrates and the Evolution of Political Thought
  4. Margaret A. Buckley (1977), Alia Minime Reprehendenda Ratio (I.17.5 Ad Atticum): A Biographical Study of Titus Pomponius Atticus
  5. Patrick A. Cronin (1979), Greek lore of Weather and Season
  6. David Caulfield (2004), The Tenebriomastix of Don Philip O'Sullivan-Beare: Poitiers, MS 259 (97)

MPhil Theses

  1. Ruwantha N.K. Mudiyanselage (2009), Messenian Identity in Pre-Liberation Messenia: A Historical Investigation

MA Theses

  1. John O'Neill (1919), A History of Corinth from the Earliest times to the Death of Alexander
  2. Malachy B. Kane (1924), A History of Corinth
  3. C.C. Cremin (1931), Phases of Corcyraean History
  4. Maurice Duggan (1934), Rome, Greece and Macedon to 196 B.C.
  5. Joseph L. Roche (1937), De Alexandri Magni Fortuna aut Virtute apud Plutarchum
  6. John P. Fogarty (1943), Asinius Pollio and his part in the Roman revolution
  7. John O'Donovan (1945), Cato Minor
  8. John Gaynor (1947), Dionysius the Second: Tyrant of Syracuse
  9. Thomas A. Keevers, Cleomenes the Third, King of Sparta (MA 1949)
  10. John O'Mahony (1950), Gods and Men: Conceptions of a Moral Order in Aeschylus and Boethius
  11. Bernard McCarthy (1950), Hiero II King of Syracuse (B.C. 269-215)
  12. James W. Cahill (1951), Athenian Democracy in the Light of Ancient Criticism and Modern Experience (462 B.C.-322 B.C.)
  13. Matthew Hanrahan (1953), Pyrrhus of Epirus
  14. J.A. Sheehy (1957), Cicero's Political Activities
  15. Michael Corbett (1988), Tradition and Originality in Propertius
  16. Margaret Lantry (1989), A Literary and Historical Commentary on the Mosella of Ausonius
  17. Patrick G. Harrington (1993), Natural Phenomena and Nature Scenes in the Epics of Homer and Virgil: A Comparative Study of Language
  18. Mary O'Regan (1996), The Roman agricultural calendar (Cato-Columella)
  19. Emily R. Roche (2000), Plato's Republic: A Brief History of its Impact on Western Political Thought
  20. Mary Benedicta Doyle (2001), The Nature and Extent of Etruscan Influence on the Religion of Rome
  21. Gerard J. McCarthy (2001), Ennius: Per Multos Oculos Pavonis (MA 2001)
  22. Marie Pauline Mullins (2001), Suicide in the Ancient World
  23. Majella Mary O'Callaghan (2001), The Interplay of Opposites in the Bucolic Poems of Theocritus and Vergil
  24. Mary Jane Colette O'Donoghue (2001), Aspects of Ariadne in Art and Literature through the Ages
  25. Karl White (2002), Ammianus and the Barbarian Threat
  26. Sheila O'Mahony (2002), Augustan Propaganda:  The Visual Image and the Written Word
  27. Valentine Griffin (2004), Power and Sacrifice: The Exhibition of Human Remains in Ancient Rome
  28. Jonathan P. Grant (2005), A Commentary on Lucian's Toxaris
  29. Paul L.H. McSweemey (2006), Memories of Constantine the Great in the Greek East
  30. Darragh S. Ryan (2006), The Laws and Motivations of the Gracchi
  31. David Kiely (2007), The Rise and Fall of Sparta: The Paradox of the Lykurgan Reforms
  32. Norma Costello (2008), References to Nero in Pliny the Elder
  33. Meadbh Greene (2008), Parallelism and Allegory in Apuleius' Cupid and Psyche
  34. Kevin Keegan (2008), An Assessment of Libanius' and Ammianus Treatments of the Life of the Emperor Julian
  35. Sarah McAndrew (2008), Gods and Heroes in the Ancient Greek Novels
  36. Jennifer B. Muscheidt (2008), The Literary and Visual Representation of the Rape of Europa

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