Classical Association of Ireland

Classical Association of Ireland

The Department encourages all students, past and present, to become members of the Classical Association of Ireland which can be done online at the website of the national organization. Membership includes subscription to the journal Classics Ireland. It also encourages all to participate in the activities of the local Cork branch of the CAI normally held once a month in the Cork Education Centre, almost directly across the Western Road from the college gates (see below for details of these activities).

CAI Cork Programme of Events

                                                          Spring Programme 2018


Monday, February 5th, 2018, 7.30pm: "we are our brains: How Mamertus invented the Rogations, or did he?"

Dr Joop Van Waarden  - This lecture is provided courtesy of the Department of Classics, UCC

Monday, March 5th, 2018, 7.30pm: "Women in Classics:  Some landmark achievement from the renaissance to the 20th Century"

                                        Carmel McCallum-Barry, President of the Classical Association

Monday, April 9th, 2018, 7.30pm: "Fun with Achilles: Late Roman perspectives on the life of a Greek hero."

                                                       Dr Stephan Faust, Department of Classics, UCC.

Monday, 14th May, 2018, 7.30pm:  Members' Papers, an eclectic mix of short papers from branch members. 

Lectures take place in the Cork Education Centre, Western Road, Cork and begin at 7.30pm with a tea break at 8.15pm, and resume until 9.30pm. Parking on site, and new members always welcome.

                                                           Lectures in O'Rahilly Building Room 2.02 UCC

Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018, 7pm: "Platonic Thoughts and Ideas in the Latin Literature of Late Antiquity: A Digital Approach"

                                                          Dr Thomas Kontgrd

Tuesday, 6th February, 2018, 7pm: "'You' and 'I' in the Letters of Sidonius Apollinaris: A Case for Pragmatic Linguistics"

                                                          Dr Joop Van Waarden


Department of Classics


O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Western Road, Cork, Ireland