People and Technology

The People and Technology (PAT) research group is a collection of researchers interested in understanding, designing, and evaluating digital technologies through psychological and socio-scientific sensitivities.

The People and Technology (PAT) research group is a collection of researchers interested in understanding, designing, and evaluating digital technologies through psychological and socio-scientific sensitivities. We contribute mainly to the disciplines of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Applied Psychology, and Computer-Supported Collaboration (CSCW and Social Computing).

The group is committed to experience-centred, participatory approaches to the design of digital technology, helping ensure that technological developments give people a chance for a richer life, include people who too often are excluded, and ensure everyone can express what matters to them.  

PAT members have significant expertise in several areas: 

  • Technology for health, wellbeing and social care 
  • Ethics and responsibility in developing and deploying digital interactive tools and software systems 
  • Misinformation, disinformation, deepfakes 
  • Human cognition and the experience of digital tools and systems 
  • Digital technologies for community engagement and grassroots practices
  • Games, play, serious games, and gamification 
  • Computer-supported collaboration and work practices 
  • The experience of participation and involvement of stakeholders in the co-design of technology 

PAT members actively participate in international and national research initiatives, including Lero and ADVANCE CRT. 

PAT faculty members are involved in teaching and supervising students, particularly as part of the BA in Psychology and Computing (in collaboration with the School of Computer Science & Information Technology) and of postgraduate research degrees. 

Core Members

Research Staff

Dr Irum Rauf

Dr Sarah Robinson


PhD Students 

Giorgia Anile

Didier Ching 

Eoin Gamble 

Rufina King’ori 

Stephanie Murphy 

Maria Murray 

Cian O’Mahony 

Jennifer Parry 

John Twomey  

Orla Walsh

Current Projects

Examining Women’s Experiences of Sharing Digital Health and Care Content Online

Sharing While Caring

Sarah Foley, John McCarthy & Stephanie Murphy

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Quantifying and mitigating the potential harm to trust, belief & memory

Deepfake Deception

Gillian Murphy, Conor Linehan, Didier Ching & John Twomey

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This project focuses on Responsible Software Engineering, and the reflexive practices and values entailed in it

Responsible Software Engineering

John McCarthy, Sarah Robinson, Irum Rauf, Conor Linehan & Luigina Ciolfi

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Can a serious browser game be used as an effective means of encouraging critical evaluation of conspiracy theories?

Developing an Online Browser Game to Increase Critical Appraisal of Conspiracy Theories

Cian O’Mahony, Gillian Murphy & Conor Linehan

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Identifying new and emerging practices of collaborative digitally-mediated hybrid work in the high- tech/software sector, and their impact on both professionals and organisations

Understanding Digitally-Mediated Hybrid Work Practices of IT Professionals (DigiHyPe)

Rufina King’ori & Luigina Ciolfi

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As patients’ technology expectancies evolve there is a need to better understand the complex interactions of successful patient retention strategies in clinical trials

User Centered Design For Improving Engagement With Online Clinical Trials Technology

Eoin Gamble & Conor Linehan

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Developing and testing a complex adaptive system that can package multiple streams of psychobiological data to develop algorithms for use in personalised health care

Utilising psychobiological data to develop algorithms for use in personalised/preventative health care

Samantha Dockray

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Engagement, motivation, barriers to and sustainable practices within the Circular Economy

When less is more - Circular Economy in Ireland - How can Digital Platforms bridge the Circularity Gap?

Giorgia Anile, Luigina Ciolfi, Marica Cassarino

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Past Projects

Pilot testing technology to support inexpensive, community owned and operated radio stations across Europe.

Grassroots Wavelengths

Conor Linehan, Laura Maye, Nadia Pantidi, John McCarthy

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Interconnected series of Irish Research Council funded PhD participative projects that used participatory action research, ethnography, and design-led enquiry in a variety of dementia care communities

Dementia Care in Community

John McCarthy, Nadia Pantidi & Sarah Foley

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The project aims to design and develop an evidence-based harm reduction intervention for illicit drug use in student populations


Samantha Dockray & Conor Linehan

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This project examines how exposure to fabricated online news sources can distort memory, exploring who is most at risk and what steps online platforms can take to mitigate this risk for users.

False Memories for Online Fake News

Gillian Murphy

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