People and Technology

The People and Technology (PAT) group is a collection of human-computer interaction (HCI) researchers interested in understanding, designing, and evaluating digital technologies. The group is committed to experience-centred, participatory approaches to the design of technology. The excitement of experience-centred, participatory design for us is in helping ensure that technological developments give people a chance for a richer life, to include people who too often are excluded, and to ensure that everyone feels free to think about and discuss what matters to them especially those people who feel they have no voice.

Projects related to People and Technology

Grassroots Wavelengths Project

Grassroots Wavelengths involves pilot testing technology to support inexpensive, community owned and operated radio stations across Europe.

Dr Conor Linehan, Dr Laura Maye, Dr Nadia Pantidi, Prof John McCarthy

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Dementia Care in Community

Interconnected series of Irish Research Council funded PhD participative projects that used participatory action research, ethnography, and design-led enquiry in a variety of dementia care communities

Prof John McCarthy, Dr Nadia Pantidi, Sarah Foley

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The project aims to design and develop an evidence-based harm reduction intervention for illicit drug use in student populations

Dr Samantha Dockray and Dr Conor Linehan

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False Memories for Online Fake News

This project examines how exposure to fabricated online news sources can distort memory, exploring who is most at risk and what steps online platforms can take to mitigate this risk for users.

Dr Gillian Murphy

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