Recent Academic publications

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1. Professor Mary Donnelly and Dr Claire Murray at the launch of Donnelly and Murray (eds) Ethical and Legal Debates in Irish Healthcare: Confronting Complexity (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016)

2. Dr Seán Lucey’s most recent monograph The end of the Irish Poor Law? Welfare and healthcare reform in revolutionary and independent Ireland (Manchester, Manchester University Press, Oct. 2015)

Recent Reports

  • Hegarty J, Flaherty SJ, Saab MM, Goodwin J, Walsh N, Wills T, McCarthy VJC, Murphy S, Cutliffe A, Lehane E, Lane A, Landers M, Kilty C, McCarthy J, Madden D, Tumelty M, Naughton C (2019). The collection, collation and reporting of data pertaining to serious patient safety incidents: an international perspective. A Report for the Department of Health, Dublin, Ireland.
  • Day C., Grimson J., Madden D. (2019) Report of the Independent Review Group on the role of Voluntary Organisations in Health and Social Care, Dept of Health Dublin
  • Tumelty, M, (2018) Open disclosure: Opportunities and challenges. A report for the Quality Improvement Division, Health Service Executive, Ireland.



Recent media

Lucey, S The long history of reforming the Irish health system RTE Brainstorm, 7 Aug. 2019

Tumelty, M How periodic payment orders can help medical negligence claimants  RTE Brainstorm, 26 November 2018



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