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Research Activity 2023

Books, Edited Collections, Journal Issues Edited


Journal Articles


Book Chapters

  • Maria Cahill and Patrick O’Callaghan - ‘Reenchanting Practice: Stanley Fish and the Challenge of Virtue Ethics’ in M. Martin & T. Bustamante (eds) New Essays on the Fish-Dworkin Debate (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2023) pp 99–118 (
  • Aoife Daly and Orla Kelleher - “The Case of Young People v Government of Ireland Supreme Court of Ireland” in Nicole Rogers ed., Future Judgments in the Anthropocene (submitted- forthcoming 2023).
  • Talya Deibel and Eric Deibel - “Artificial Intelligence in Ancient Rome: Classical Roman Philosophy on Legal Subjectivity” in Ruth Edith Hagengruber (ed.), Women Philosophers on Economics, Technology, Environment, and Gender History: Shaping the Future, Rethinking the Past. De Gruyter. (2023)
  • Talya Deibel and Eric Deibel - “On the Biopolitics of Legal Education in Turkey” in Biopolitics and Structure in Legal Education (ed.), Luca Siliquini-Cinelli, Thomas Giddens, Routledge. (2023)
  • Mary Donnelly and Barry Lyons - ‘Taking the Long View: David Rothman’s Strangers at the Bedside in: S. Fovargue and C. Purshouse Leading Works in Health Law and Ethics (Routledge, 2023), 102-118
  • Mary Donnelly - 'Judging Values in a Time of Transition' in: Kong, C et al Capacity, Participation and Values in Comparative Perspective (Bristol: Bristol University Press, 2023), 65-84
  • Ursula Kilkelly and Louise Forde - “Children’s Rights in Police Custody” in Yvonne Daly (ed) Police Custody in Ireland (Routledge, forthcoming)
  • Luigi Lonardo and Alina Carrozzini - ‘The Many Faces of Solidarity and its Role in the Jurisprudence of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice’ in E Kassoti and N Idriz (eds), The Principle of Solidarity: International and EU Law Perspectives (Springer-Asser Press 2023)
  • Luigi Lonardo and Elisabet Ruiz Cairó - “The promotion of the rule of law in the EU neighbourhood: an impact assessment” in L Hinojosa and C. Pérez-Bernárdez, Enhancing the Rule of Law in the European Union's External Action (Edward Elgar 2023)
  • Jonathan McCarthy and Mary Donnelly - ‘SME Financing and European Capital Markets: Understanding the Rationale for Reform’, in I. Chiu and I. MacNeil (eds.), Edward Elgar Research Handbook on Global Capital Markets Law (Edward Elgar, 2023) (
  • Jonathan McCarthy - ‘SMEs and FinTech in the European Union: How to Balance Innovation and Regulation?’ in W. Nelson (ed.), Advances in Business and Management (Volume 20) (Nova, 2023) (
  • Jonathan McCarthy - ‘Developments in Financial Services: UK and EU Approaches to Digital Finance’, in C. Panara and E. Guinchard (eds.), The New Relationship Between the UK and the EU (Springer, forthcoming, 2024)
  • Owen McIntyre - ‘SDG 6: Ensure Availability and Sustainable Management of Water and Sanitation for All’, in I. Bantekas and F. Seatzu (eds.), Commentary on the Sustainable Development Goals (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2023) 441-508:
  • Owen McIntyre - ‘The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands and General International Water Law: Mutually Supportive Regimes’ in R.C. Gardiner, R. Caddell and E. Okuno (eds.), Wetlands and International Environmental Law: The Evolution and Impact of the Ramsar Convention (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2023).
  • Owen McIntyre - ‘The Critical Contribution of Independent Accountability Mechanisms (IAMs) to the Global Governance Paradigm’, in D. Bradlaw, D. Hunter, N. Paul and V.I. Ramaswamy (eds.), Perspectives on 30 Years of Accountability in Development Finance (American University, Washington D.C., forthcoming 2023/24).
  • Stephanie Holt, Simone McCaughren, Aisling Parkes and S Gregory - Contact Time for very Young Children: A Review of the Literature', in Carmel Devaney & Rosemary Crosse (eds) International Perspectives on Parenting Support and Parental Participation in Children and Family Services, (London: Routledge, 2023) Chapter 8
  • Stephanie Holt, Simone McCaughren and Aisling Parkes - 'The Voice of the Child in Family Law Proceedings in Ireland: Reflections on the challenges of achieving first world principles within a third world infrastructure', Research Handbook on Family Justice Systems, M. MacLean & R. Treloar eds, London, Edward Elgar Publishing
  • Áine Ryall - 'Judicial Review & the Habitats Directive in Ireland' In: Eliantonio, Lees and Paloniitty (eds). EU Environmental Principles & Scientific Uncertainty before National Courts. Oxford: Hart / Bloomsbury
  • Fidelma White - “Irish Consumer Law: evolution and Europeanisation”, in Consumer Protection in the European Union: challenges and opportunities, (EU Commission, 2023) pp.263-289, available at
  • Fidelma White - “The Impact of EU Directives 2019/770 and 2019/771 in Ireland” in De Franceschi & Schulze ed., Harmonising Digital Contract Law, (C.H. Beck, Hart and Nomos, 2023) (with Geraint Howells) pp.373-395
  • Fidelma White - Chapter 59A on Ireland for Thomson Reuters International Contract Law Manual (US: Pace Institute for International Commercial Law, 2023)


  • Ursula Kilkelly, Clara Paul and K Klep - Independent Children's Rights Institutions: Current strategies, approaches and challenges in the protection of children's rights (ENOC, 2023)
  • Owen McIntyre - Co-authored report for the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) on Research in Respect of the Remunicipalisation of Waste Services by Dublin City Council (2023) which has led to an initiative for legislative change:
  • Owen McIntyre - Regional Assessment on Black Sea Marine Pollution: Legal, Policy and Institutional Analysis, report prepared for the World Bank, Blueing the Black Sea (BBSEA) Programme (November 2023)


Funding Awards

  • Dug Cubie, UCC Office of the Vice-President for Teaching and Learning, Mapping Complex Emergencies: A Visualisation Tool for Teaching Humanitarian Laws €2,000
  • Dug Cubie, UNIC, Promoting Resilient Cities through Community Participation and Communication of Climate and Disaster Risks (PROCOMMS) – in partnership with Cork City Council, City of Malmö and the University of Malmö, €3,450
  • Aoife Daly, European Research Council, Youth Climate Justice, €2million
  • Owen McIntyre, Marine Institute, Co-existence and Co-location in shared island Marine governance (CoCoMAR), €1.5 million / €98,000 to Law
  • Owen McIntyre, Irish Research Council, Environmental Protection Agency Postgraduate Research Scholarship 2023-2026: ‘Mapping the Legal Influences of and Implications for International Law of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals’, €78,000
  • Owen McIntyre, Irish Research Council, New Foundations Research Award: Doubling Global Hydropower Capacity by 2050 – What about the Transboundary Dimension?, €10,000
  • Conor O’Mahony, Irish Research Council, New Foundations Grant awarded to fund empirical research on child participation in private family law proceedings – a collaboration with the Children’s Rights Alliance, integrated into postgraduate teaching by making students in LW6563 Child Law Clinic researchers on the project. €12,000
  • Claire Raissian, Irish Research Council, Postdoctoral Fellowship – Research on Unaccompanied Minors, ~€50,000
  • Dagmar Schiek, European Research Council, RIGHTS-TO-UNITE, €2.5 million
  • Mary-Elizabeth Tumelty, Royal Irish Academy, Charlemont grant awarded to facilitate a research visit to the Mason Institute, University of Edinburgh. The Mason Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre which facilitates internationally recognised academic and policy leadership in the socio-legal, medical and life science governance, and bioethics fields. Project title: ‘Conceptualising a new mediation model for the resolution of clinical negligence claims’. €2,290
  • Henrietta Zeffert, Royal Irish Academy, Charlemont grant awarded to fund international collaboration with Professor Beverley Clough. The grant funded a research visit to Manchester Metropolitan University, fees for Law and Society Association conference and Royal Geographical Society annual conference. €2,056


Events Organised

  • March 2023 - Luigi Lonardo -  Doctoral Workshop: The interaction between the sources of European Union law (with Gian Marco Galletti and Elise Muir) -
  • March 2023 - Luigi Lonardo - Conference | The Interaction between Primary Law and Secondary Law in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (with Gian Marco Galletti and Elise Muir) -
  • March 2023 - Maria Cahill - “Mapping the Legal Landscape of Freedom of Association” Online Workshop, 31st March 2023
  • April 2023 - Owen McIntyre (Convenor), Marie Aronsson-Storrier, Dug Cubie, Aoife Daly, Mark Poustie, Declan Walsh - 

    19th Law and the Environment Conference: Environmental Law as Administrative Governance, 20th April 2023, UCC:[Two Special Issues (2024) Vol. 28, Nos. 1&2 Environmental Liability: Law, Policy and Practice on ‘Environmental Law as Administrative Governance’ to be edited by Owen McIntyre].

  • April 2023 - Owen McIntyre - 13th Postgraduate Research Symposium in Environmental Law, 19th April 2023, UCC:
  • April 2023 Conor O’Mahony (Convenor) Louise Crowley, Aoife Daly, Ursula Kilkelly, Laura Lundy - Centre for Children’s Rights and Family Law Biennial Workshop on Frontier Research in Children’s Rights and Family Law (UCC)[Special Issue of International Journal of Children’s Rights 2024 Vol 32 Issue 1 to be edited by Conor O’Mahony]
  • May 2023 - Mary Donnelly and Claire Murray - CPAC Workshop, Presentation of Working Paper, Dublin (funded by Irish Research Council)
  • May 2023 - Mary Donnelly - Public Health and International Trade Workshop, Law School, Edinburgh University (with AM Farrell) (funded by Scottish Government Saltire Programme)
  • May 2023 - Henrietta Zeffert - Organised workshop in School of Law, Manchester Metropolitan University, to read and discuss Emma Bimpson, Sadie Parr & Kesia Reeve (2022) Governing homeless mothers: the unmaking of home and family, Housing Studies, 37:2, 272-29
  • June 2023 - Conor O’Mahony - Child Protection Law and Practice research exchange with University of Bergen (with Kenneth Burns) (UCC)
  • June 2023 - Maria Cahill - "Comparative Perspectives on The Purpose and Potential of Freedom of Association", University College Cork 27th & 28th June 2023
  • July 2023 - Patrick O’Callaghan - Online international 'authors' session' workshop on 6th July 2023, bringing together over 20 scholars contributing to The Cambridge Handbook of the Right to Freedom of Thought (forthcoming), co-edited by Patrick O’Callaghan and Bethany Shiner
  • October 2023 - Dug Cubie - Workshop with Cork City Council, civil society stakeholders, and the City of Malmö and University of Malmö as part of the UNIC PROCOMMS project
  • November 2023  - Maria Cahill - Webinar: First Conversation between Law and Social Ontology on Freedom of Association, 3rd November 2023,



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