Module 1 - LW6637 Brexit: Legal and Policy Issues

The first module, delivered in the first semester, explores the historical, social, political and legal dimensions of Brexit. In this we module we address the historical experience of UK in European integration, the forces which lead to the UK’s decision to withdraw from the European Union as well as the actual process of Brexit. We will also address the development of a law of disintegration in the EU, the future relationship between the UK and the European Union and the impact of Brexit on the politics and constitutions of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK and the European Union. The module is delivered by Dr Stephen Coutts of the School of Law, Dr Emmanulle Schön-Quinlivan and Dr Jonathan Evershed of the Department of Government and guest lecturers. For the syllabus of the module click here: LW6637 Syllabus

Module 2 - LW6638 Brexit and the Future of Europe

The second module, delivered in the second semester, addresses ongoing developments in the European Union. The European Union is undergoing a period of change and reflection. It has experienced what some have termed a ‘polycrisis’ in recent years. The eurozone crisis, the migration crisis, terrorism, Brexit and now the COVID-19 crisis have all challenged the institutions and structures of the Union, its capacity to deliver and ultimately its political identity. Pervading this is the ongoing sense of a democratic deficit. This module will address all of these challenges to the Union, looking at the impact of these crisis on and possible reforms to the Union, inlcuding the growing interest in Differentiated Integration. For the syllabus of the module click here: LW6638 Syllabus

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