Past Events

Keynote Lecture: Ireland and the Future of Europe - Wednesday 21 April 2021

Professor Brigid Laffan, European University Institute

Dr Stephen Coutts, UCC School of Law and the UCC Brexit and the Future of Europe Project, welcomes Professor Brigid Laffan of the European University Institute in Florence to give the keynote lecture of the 2021 speaker series on "Ireland and the Future of Europe". Professor Laffan is a leading world expert on European integration and politics and has been central to academic and policy debates on the European Union, including Brexit. She is the Director and Professor of the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies at the European University Institute in Florence and has received numerous awards for her contributions to EU political studies, including the UACES Lifetime Achievement Award, the THESEUS Award and the Ordre national du Mérite by the President of the French Republic.


Ireland and the Future of European Security Cooperation - Wednesday 31 March 2021

Dr Ken McDonagh, Dublin City University

On 31 March 2021, Dr Ken McDonagh delivered a presentation on Ireland and the Future of European Security Cooperation. This area of European integration is now widely discussed as part of a broader debate on the Future of Europe. Ireland has always had an ambiguous relationship with security and defence cooperation in Europe. Dr McDonagh is a leading expert in the area of European security, particularly from the perspective of Ireland.



The Rule of Law Crisis in the European Union - Wednesday 24 March 2021

Professor Laurent Pech, Middlesex University

On 24 March 2021, UCC School of Law welcomed Professor Laurent Pech (Middlesex University) to deliver a lecture on the rule of law crisis currently facing the European Union. There are increasing concerns related to the independence of the judiciary in a number of central and Eastern European Member States and a broader undermining of the rule of law and democratic institutions. The response of the Union has been delayed and piecemeal but now political, legal and budgetary mechanisms are being deployed in response to these developments. In this talk, Professor Pech addresses the current state of play in rule of law developments in the European Union. This event was chaired by Professor Dagmar Schiek from the UCC School of Law.


Brexit and the Constitutional Futures of Britain and Ireland Workshop - 2 December 2020

  • Dr Giada Lagana, Cardiff University
  • Professor Nicola McEwen, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Mary Murphy, University College Cork
  • Professor John Denham, University of Southampton

On 2 December 2020, the BreFoE module welcomed a number of speakers to discuss the constitutional futures of Britain and Ireland in the wake of Brexit. Brexit has brought underlying tensions in the UK's geographic constitution to the fore, with increasing calls for Scottish independence, the prospect of a referendum on a united Ireland and, more immediately, the impact of Brexit on the devolution settlement in the context of the UK Internal Market. You can view this webinar below:




Brexit and Citizens Rights - 13 March 2020

Dr Adrienne Yong, City University (London)

The BreFoe Module was delighted to welcome Dr Adrienne Yong of City University (London) to discuss the question of citizens' rights in the context of Brexit. Unfortunately, a planned public talk was cancelled as a result of COVID19 restrictions.


Brexit and Justice and Home Affairs- 27 February 2020

Dr Chloe Briere, Université Libre de Bruxelles

On 27 February 2020 the BreFoe class was joined by Dr Chloe Brière of the Université Libre de Bruxelles who gave a presentation on the role of the EU in criminal law matters. This was followed by a public discussion on the impact of Brexit on transnational police and judicial cooperation in the area of Justice and Home Affairs and possible solutions for ongoing cooperation between the UK and the EU.


The External Dimension of Brexit and Negotiating the Future Relationship- 7 February 2020

Dr Graham Butler, Aarhus University


On 7 February 2020, Dr Graham Butler of Aarhus University, a world leading expert in the external relations of the EU, spent an hour with students of the module. This was followed by a public presentation on the legal framework for the negotiation of the future relationship agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union.

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