Head of School

Vice Head of School


Research Staff Contacts


Surname First Name Email Research Centre Title Location Tel.
Duggan James ADVANCE CRT Research Support Officer WGB 133   
Faziludeen Shameer  PVacSec      
Gomez De Membrillera Luis ADVANCE CRT Programme Manager WGB 133  
Zafeiridi Evi   Post Doctoral Researcher WGB 209  
Noonan Mary MISL Administrator WGB 209  
Phan Linh-An  CONNECT P2 Post Doctoral Researcher WGB 209C  
Shahmansoori Arash PVASec Senior Post Doctoral Researcher WGB 218  
Murphy Seán Óg MISL Research Support Officer WGB 209D 4205396
Pradeep Preeja CLEVER Post Doctoral Researcher WGB 209D 4205396
Badwal Tanvir Singh Insight AI4Europe Project Manager WGB 2.15B 420-5375
Bikoulis Dimitrios Insight Research Assistant WGB 2.15  
Choi Janet AI CRT Programme Manager WGB 2.70 420-5972
Dogan Vedat Insight Research Assistant WGB 2.15  
Escamocher Guillaume Insight Senior Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15A 420-5374
Gavigan Shaun Insight EU Project Manager WGB 2.57 420-5961
Gonzalez Castane Gabriel Insight Senior Research Co-ordinator WGB 2.59 420-5964
Hoang Long Insight Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15F 420-5379
Kesarwani Abhishek Insight Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.18  
Kyziropoulos Panagiotis Insight Senior Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15F 420-5379
MacHale Peter Insight Systems Admin Manager WGB 2.68 420-5959
Matias Jean Insight Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15D  420-5377
Missaoui Ahmed Insight Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15D  420-5377
Ngwa Chrys Insight Bus Development Manager WGB 2.66 420-5957
O'Neill Siobhán Insight EU Project Support Officer WGB 2.15B 420-5375
O'Riordan Eleanor Insight Administrator WGB 2.63 420-5954
O'Sullivan Linda Insight Lab Manager WGB 2.63 420-5991
O'Toole Liam Insight Senior Software Engineer WGB 2.53 420-5966
Paez Rocío Insight Senior Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2-59 420-5379
Pham Long Insight Senior Research Co-ordinator WGB 2.67 420-5958
Pradeep  Preeja Insight Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15F 420-5379
Quesada Luis Insight Research Support Officer WGB 2.15C 420-5376
Scheurer Sebastian Insight Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15E 420-5378
Simonis Helmut Insight Senior Research Fellow WGB 2.54 420-5967
Vyhmeister  Eduardo  Insight Senior Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15F 420-5379
Walsh Caitríona Insight Administrator WGB 2.63 420-5953
Walsh Darragh Insight Strategy Support Officer WGB 2.15A  420-5374
Wilson Nic Insight Senior Research Fellow WGB 2.67 420-5958
Xu Shuoshuo Insight Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15  
Zhao Kai Insight Postdoctoral Researcher WGB 2.15  




Research Postgraduate Contacts

 If you would like to contact our research students, please send an email at

Surname First Name Thesis topic/title Location Research Group
- Alia ADVANCE CRT: Secure multi-party computation on new communication paradigms 2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Aguelal Hamza Re-identification of anonymous datasets containing health information 2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Amjad Mahwish ADVANCE-CRT Video Streaming 2.09 ADVANCE CRT
Anile Giorgia     ADVANCE CRT
Ares Milian Marlon Jesus Robust Adaptive Control of Autonomous Systems 2.08 LERO P2
Asadi Hamzeh Applications of AI to Smart Manufacturing   Confirm
Azeem Muhammad Machine Learning and Visualization of Soundscape Recordings for Natural Environment Monitoring   ADVANCE CRT
Azevedo Coscrato Victor  Interpretable Machine Learning 2.15 CRT AI 
Balogh Andrea Constraint Programming and Artificial Intelligence 2.15 Confirm
Bibi Faiza Machine learning for time-sensitive networks in wireless systems    
Chai Joseph   2.15 CRT AI 
Chandra Samaksh Artificial Intelligence 2.15 CRT AI 
Dalla Marco Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for High-Energy Physics 2.15 CRT AI 
Dao Dung Medical Training Analytics Framework with enhanced ffedback using Reliable AI methods 2.15 CRT AI 
De La Cour Liam Recommender Systems 2.15 CRT AI 
Dev Gupta Sharmi Fairness in Artificial Intelligence  2.15 CRT AI 
Dovhaniuk Oleksii Advanced Computational Methods for Scheduling Medical Resources 2.15 CRT AI 
Drohan Damien ADVANCE Centre for Research Training `ADVANCE 2020` 2.08 ADVANCE CRT
Duran Ege Combinatorial Optimization and Machine Learning 2.15 CRT AI 
Ebrahimi Moghaddam Amirhossein  Cryptography, Security and Privacy 2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Ganesh Buvana Homomorphic Encryption for Machine Learning 2.15 CRT AI 
Gulecyuz Suheyl Supply Chain Analytics & Decision Making 2.15 Insight
Haider Zarrar   2.09 ADVANCE CRT
Hossan Arif Leveraging hybrid communication technologies to support the deployment of C-ITS services on the Irish road network 2.09 Connect P2
Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim Zaki Applications of AI to Smart Manufacturing   Confirm
Ijaz Zohaib Performance Control of Wireless Cyber-Physical Systems for Smart Factories 2.09 Confirm
Ionescu Vlad Radu Advance CRT - Wireless Network Co-Existence 2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Jarvis Padraigh John Smart electric Buses: Smart eBuses 2.08 School
Javed Farhan QoE enabled Scheduling for Scalable and Dependable Video Delivery in Vehicular Networks 2.09 Connect P2
Khalid Asfa Improving security and confidence in distributed Edge environments 2.09 Connect P2
Khan Muhammad Farhan Performance of 5G Wireless Systems for Factory Automation 2.09 Confirm
King'ori Rufina Digitally-Mediated Hybrid Work Practices of IT Professionals 2.08 ADVANCE CRT
Loaiza Quintana César Big Data and Combinatorial Optimization for the Transition to eBuses with Minimal Disruptions   School
Lopez Restrepo Jheisson Argiro Combinatorial Optimization for Smart Cities with Uncertain Environments 2.15 CRT AI 
Loy Annette Community based wellbeing as a means for preventing chronic disease through mobile device tracking 2.09 ADVANCE CRT
Lucas de Souza Filipe Constraint programming and optimisation 2.15 CRT AI 
Lyu Tengfei     ADVANCE CRT
Marcu Stefan-Bogdan Advanced AI Computation for Protein Design 2.08 School
McCarthy Brian  Hybrid Communication Networks for Autonomous Vehicles 2.09 Connect P2
Mevlevioglu Deniz Real-time anxiety detection in Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) 1.12 ADVANCE CRT
Mi Yanlin Prolapse Simulation and Visualisation with AI 2.15 CRT AI 
Morillo Fueltala Diana Gabriela Wireless Signal Authentication for the Internet of Things 2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Mozaffari Morteza Adaptive Privacy-preservation in IoT   Connect P2
Nash Andrew   2.08 ADVANCE CRT
Ni Gongyu AI-driven techniques for quantum network optimisation   Tyndall
O Connor Ciaran Financial Maths & Machine Learning 2.15 CRT AI 
O Toole Patrick Advanced Networks for Sustainable Societies (ADVANCE 2020) 2.08 ADVANCE CRT
Oti Olugbenga Investigating the potential of signal processing and Big Data Analytics to improve the analysis of data gathered from wearable devices in healthcare applications. 2.15 Insight
Pham Viet Personal Voice Assistant Security and Privacy 2.18 PVASec
Piatek Jakub Machine Learning Optimisation 2.15 Insight
Pourkhajouei Samira Combinatorial Problem-Solving & Optimisation    Insight
Qirtas Malik Muhammad Internet of Things Technologies for Sensing Loneliness in People 2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Raulin Julie   Tyndall Tyndall
Rezaei Saeid Applications of AI to Smart Manufacturing 2.15 Confirm
Ronan Isabel     ADVANCE CRT
Rossberg Nicola   2.15 CRT AI 
Rossi Andrea SFI Centre for Research Training in Artificial Intelligence 2.15 CRT AI 
Ryan Ita IT Security   ADVANCE CRT
Sagi Prathyusha Personal Voice Assistant Security and Privacy 2.18 PVASec
Salim Kinza      
Sarvi Batoul Edge network support for UAV communication 2.09 ADVANCE CRT
Sedghi Leila Data-Driven Predictive Control for Wireless Networked Control Systems 2.09 Confirm
Seliem Mohamed Ali End to end communication protocol performance management for Industrial Internet of Things applications 2.09 Confirm
Shafiq Akasha     CRT AI 
Shaka Martha Deep learning in avoiding other agents in path-finding 2.15 CRT AI 
Shamaeian Nasrin Blockchain for IoT 2.18 ENABLE
Shoaib Muhammad Adaptive User Interfaces for Computer Users with Special Needs 2.08 ADVANCE CRT
Singh Japneet Machine Learning to Optimize Smart and Sustainable City Services 2.18 ENABLE
Sobonski Piotr Cyber defence mechanisms for cyber-physical production environments   ADVANCE CRT
Solemani Ramin ADVANCE CRT-Using Internet of Things for e-Health 2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Tacadao Grace Combinatorial Problem-Solving & Optimisation 2.15 Insight
Tran Khanh-Tung       
Trust Paul ADVANCE Centre for Research Training (CRT) 2020 2.08 ADVANCE CRT
Usman Muhammad Qamar   2.09 ADVANCE CRT
Vangujar Apurva Kiran Cryptography for the Internet of Things (ADVANCE CRT) 2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Wani Nowshaba   2.18 ADVANCE CRT
Xu Tianshu Modelling and Visualization for Protein Engineering 2.08 ADVANCE CRT
Younis Haseeb ADVANCE CRT- Drug-Protein and Off-target Interaction Prediction Using Deep Learning Based Conformal Prediction 2.08 ADVANCE CRT
Zanbouri Kouros EdgeLearn - Edge Computing based Learning for Dependable Wireless Networks  2.09 Connect P2

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Executive Assistant Ms Julie Walsh
Extn: 5892
School Manager Ms Derbhile Timon
Extn: 5891
Administration Officer (Academic) Ms Joanne Murphy
Extn: 5893
Postgraduate (MSC CS & MSC DSA) / PhD Administraton

Ms Youngsin Ó Sé



Schools Outreach & PR Ms Sarah Mullen
Extn: 5890 /
Non-EU Programmes Professor Dirk Pesch
Extn: 5941
Work Placement Dr John Herbert
Extn: 5925
BSc in Computer Science

Dr Aisling O'Driscoll
Extn: 5919

BSc in Data Science and Analytics

Prof Gregory Provan
Extn: 5928

BA in Digital Humanities and Information Technology

Mr Gavin Russell
Extn: 5910

BA in Psychology and Computing

Dr Ian Pitt
Extn: 5904

HDip Applied Computing Technology Mr Adrian O'Riordan
Extn: 5903
MSc Computing Science Dr Harry Nguyen
Extn: 5903
MSc Data Science & Analytics Dr Ahmed Zahran
Extn: 5926
MSc Interactive Media Mr David Murphy
Extn: 5908


School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Scoil na Ríomheolaíochta agus na Teicneolaíochta Faisnéise

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