NB : Please prepend the following numbers to the telephone extensions when calling:

  • '420' if outside UCC
  • '021-420' if outside Cork
  • '353-21-420' if outside Ireland
Department Office Phone: +353(0)21 420-5892 
Fax:     +353(0)21 420-5367
E-mail: secretary@cs.ucc.ie
Executive Assistant Ms Margaret Hynes / Julie Walsh
Extn: 5892
Email: secretary@cs.ucc.ie
Department Manager Ms Derbhile Timon
Extn: 5891
Email: csmanager@cs.ucc.ie
Schools Outreach Ms Ann O'Brien, MSc 
Extn: 5888
Email: a.obrien@cs.ucc.ie
Non-EU Programmes Professor Michel Schellekens
Extn: 5941
Email: m.schellekens@cs.ucc.ie
Work Placement Dr John Herbert
Extn: 5925
Email: j.herbert@cs.ucc.ie
BSc in Computer Science
Dr Kieran Herley
Extn: 5805
Email: k.herley@cs.ucc.ie
HDip Applied Computing Technology Dr Steve Prestwich
Extn: 5911
Email: s.prestwich@cs.ucc.ie
MSc Computing Science Dr Marc van Dongen
Extn: 5903
Email: m.vandongen@cs.ucc.ie
MSc Interactive Media Mr David Murphy
Extn: 5908
Email: d.murphy@cs.ucc.ie


Boehme, Frank Lecturer G-60 420-5916 f.boehme@cs.ucc.ie
Bowen, James Professor G-50 420-5914 Phone +353 21 420 5892 if requesting email address
Bridge, Derek Senior Lecturer G-61 420-5907 d.bridge@cs.ucc.ie
Brown, Ken Professor 2-64 420-5952 k.brown@cs.ucc.ie
Doherty, James Lecturer 1-72 420-5929 j.doherty@cs.ucc.ie
Fleming, Martin Systems Administrator 1-20 420-5894 m.fleming@cs.ucc.ie
Grigoras, Dan Senior Lecturer G-69 420-5918 d.grigoras@cs.ucc.ie
Herbert, John Senior Lecturer 1-78 420-5925 j.herbert@cs.ucc.ie
Herley, Kieran Lecturer G-63 420-5905 k.herley@cs.ucc.ie
Hynes, Margaret Executive Assistant (Job-Share) 1-28 420-5890/5892 m.hynes@cs.ucc.ie
Lenihan, Thomas Senior Technician 1-21 420-5901 t.lenihan@cs.ucc.ie
McCormack, Colin Lecturer G-68 420-5917 c.mccormack@cs.ucc.ie
Moriarty, Martin Systems Administrator 1-20 420-5896 m.moriarty@cs.ucc.ie
Morrison, John P. Professor 2-50 420-5944 j.morrison@cs.ucc.ie
Murphy, David Lecturer 1-77 420-5908 d.murphy@cs.ucc.ie
Murphy, Joanne Administrative Officer (Academic) 1-28 420-5893 j.murphy@cs.ucc.ie
O'Brien, Ann Schools Outreach 1-28 420-5888 a.obrien@cs.ucc.ie
O'Byrne, David Computing Systems Manager 1-20 420-5895 d.obyrne@cs.ucc.ie
O'Mullane, John Lecturer 1-79 420-5920 j.omullane@cs.ucc.ie
O'Riordan, Adrian Lecturer G-71 420-5906 a.oriordan@cs.ucc.ie
O'Rourke, Billy Systems Administrator 1-20 420-5897 b.orourke@cs.ucc.ie
O'Sullivan, Barry Professor 2-65 420-5951 b.osullivan@cs.ucc.ie
Pitt, Ian Lecturer 1-79 420-5904 i.pitt@cs.ucc.ie
Prestwich, Steve Lecturer G-67 420-5911 s.prestwich@cs.ucc.ie
Provan, Gregory Professor 1-71 420-5928 g.provan@cs.ucc.ie
Russell, Gavin Lecturer G-73 420-5910 g.russell@cs.ucc.ie
Schellekens, Michel Professor 2-55 420-5941 m.schellekens@cs.ucc.ie
Sorensen, Humphrey Senior Lecturer 1-73 420-5902 h.sorensen@cs.ucc.ie
Sreenan, Cormac Professor, Head of Department 1-75 420-5930 secretary@cs.ucc.ie
Stynes, David Lecturer G-70 420-5919 d.stynes@cs.ucc.ie
Tabirca, Sabin Senior Lecturer 1-81 420-5915 s.tabirca@cs.ucc.ie
Timon, Derbhile Department Manager 1-28C 420-5891 csmanager@cs.ucc.ie
van Dongen, Marc Lecturer 1-74 420-5903 m.vandongen@cs.ucc.ie
Walsh, Julie Executive Assistant (Job-Share) 1-28 420-5889/5892 j.walsh@cs.ucc.ie
Abdul, Razak Research Staff 2-15E, Insight Centre 420-5378 abdul.razak@insight-centre.org
Al-Bado, Mustafa Research Staff 2-09D, MISL Lab. 420-5396 mab4@cs.ucc.ie
Armant, Vincent Research Staff 2-70, Insight Centre 420-5972 vincent.armant@insight-centre.org
Cafferkey, Neil Research Staff 2.22, CUC/BCRI 420-5934 n.cafferkey@cs.ucc.ie
Dhamane, Rohit Research Staff 2-15D, Insight Centre 420-5377 rohit.dhamane@insight-centre.org
Durao, Fred Research Staff 2-70, Insight Centre 420-5972 fred.durao@insight-centre.org
Dwane-Magnier, Maureen Administrator 2-51, BCRI/CUC 420-5946 m.dwane@bcri.ucc.ie
Escamocher, Guillaume Research Staff 2-15A, Insight Centre 420-5374 guillaume.escamocher@insight-centre.org
Freuder, Eugene Research Staff 2-61, Insight Centre 420-5956


Gavigan, Shaun EU Grants Manager 2-57, Insight Centre 420-5961 shaun.gavigan@insight-centre.org
Grimes, Diarmuid Research Staff 2-15F, Insight Centre 420-5379  diarmuid.grimes@insight-centre.org
Healy, Philip Research Staff 2-22, CUC/BCRI 420-5936 p.healy@cs.ucc.ie
Higgins, Eddy Visiting Researcher 2-09C, MISL Lab. 420-5383 Eddy.Higgins@scss.tcd.ie
Kennedy, James Research Staff 2-22, CUC/BCRI 420-5933 j.kennedy@cs.ucc.ie
MacHale, Peter Systems Manager 2-68, Insight Centre 420-5959 peter.machale@insight-centre.org
Manzano, Oscar Research Staff 2-15F, Insight Centre 420-5379 oscar.manzano@insight-centre.org
Noonan, Mary Administrator 2-09, MISL Lab. 420-5912 m.noonan@cs.ucc.ie
Ngwa, Chrys Business Dev. Manager 2-66, Insight Centre 420-5957 chrys.ngwa@insight-centre.org
Ó Duinn, Pádraig Research Staff 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978 padraig.oduinn@insight-centre.org
O'Keeffe, Mike Research Staff 2-15B, Insight Centre 420-5375 mike.okeeffe@insight-centre.org
O'Riordan, Eleanor Administrator 2-63, Insight Centre 420-5954 eleanor.oriordan@insight-centre.org
O'Sullivan, Linda Lab Manager 2-63, Insight Centre 420-5991 linda.osullivan@insight-centre.org
O’Toole, Liam Software Engineer 2-53, Insight Centre 420-5966 liam.otoole@insight-centre.org
Popovici, Emanuel Research Staff Insight/1.25 E Eng 490-2027 e.popovici@ucc.ie
Quesada, Luis Research Staff 2-15C, Insight Centre 420-5376 luis.quesada@insight-centre.org
Siala, Mohamed Research Staff 2-15D, Insight Centre 420-5377 mohamed.siala@insight-centre.org
Simonis, Helmut Research Staff 2-54, Insight Centre 420-5967 helmut.simonis@insight-centre.org
Sutton, Paul Visiting Researcher 2-09C, MISL Lab. 420-5983 suttonpd@tcd.ie
Wahbi, Mohamed Research Staff 2-70, Insight Centre 420-5972 mohamed.wahbi@insight-centre.org
Wallace, Richard Research Staff 2-62, Insight Centre 420-5955 richard.wallace@insight-centre.org
Walsh, Caitriona Administrator 2-63, Insight Centre 420-5953 caitriona.walsh@insight-centre.org
Wilson, Nic Research Staff 2-67, Insight Centre 420-5958 nic.wilson@insight-centre.org
Zahran, Ahmed Research Fellow 2-09B, MISL Lab. 420-5384 a.zahran@cs.ucc.ie
Alkhelaiwi, Aseel PhD Student 2-09, MISL Research 420-5983 aa8@cs.ucc.ie
Alshareef, Hazzaa PhD Student 2-09, MISL Research 420-5982 haz3@cs.ucc.ie
Browne, David PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 david.browne@insight-centre.org
Carraro, Diego PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 diego.carraro@insight-centre.org
Chisca, Sorina PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 sorina.chisca@insight-centre.org
Clogher, Sean PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre Off-Site sean.clogher@insight-centre.org
Coffey, Donnchadh PhD Student 2-17   111221960@umail.ucc.ie
De Cauwer, Milan PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 milan.decauwer@insight-centre.org
Desmond, Daniel PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 daniel.desmond@insight-centre.org
Fajemisin, Adejuyigbe PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 ade.fajemisin@insight-centre.org
Fitzgerald, Tadhg PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 tadhg.fitzgerald@insight-centre.org
Florentino, Blanca PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre off-site blanca.florentino@insight-centre.org
Genc, Begum PhD Student 2-15, InsightCentre 420-5968/5969 begum.genc@insight-centre.org
George, Anne-Marie PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 annemarie.george@insight-centre.org
Ghafoor, Saim PhD Student 215, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 saim.ghafoor@insight-centre.org
Grattan, Nick PhD Student Insight Centre Off Site nicholas.grattan@insight-centre.org
Griffith, Josephine Postgrad Off Campus  Off Site  
Hashemi, Mohammad PhD Student 2-09, MISL Research 420-5986 m.hashemi@cs.ucc.ie
Hoare, Cathal PhD Student 2-08, Insight Centre 420-5981 hoare@cs.ucc.ie
Huang, Hong PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 hong.huang@insight-centre.org
Kaya, Mesut PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 mesut.kaya@insight-centre.org
Khalid, Ahmed PhD Student 2-09, MISL 420-5983 a.khalid@cs.ucc.ie
Khan, Mohammad Imran PhD Student 2-15,Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 imran.khan@insight-centre.org
McCloskey, Sara PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 sara.mccloskey@insight-centre.org
Mitro, Joani PhD Student 215, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 joani.mitro@insight-centre.org
Montazery, Mojtaba PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 mojtaba.montazery@insight-centre.org
Naeem, Ali PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 ali.naeem@insight-centre.org
Neville, Ultan PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5957 ultan.neville@insight-centre.org
O Luing, Mervyn PhD Student Insight Centre Off Site mervyn.oluing@insight-centre.org
Pakdel, Rezvan (Ziba) PhD Student 2-09, MISL Research 420-5986 r.pakdel@cs.ucc.ie
Pena, Francisco PhD Student 215, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 francisco.pena@insight-centre.org
Qiao, Cheng PhD Student 2-15, Insight  Centre 420-5968/5969 qiao.cheng@insight-centre.org
Raca, Darijo PhD Student 2-09, MISL Research 420-5982 d.raca@cs.ucc.ie
Rana, Arpit PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 arpit.rana@insight-centre.org
Reviakin, Aleksandr PhD Student 2-09, MISL 420-5983 a.reviakin@cs.ucc.ie
Scheurer, Sebastian PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 sebastian.scheurer@insight-centre.org
Sherwin, Jonathan PhD Student MISL Research Off-Site jonathan.sherwin@cit.ie
Toffano, Federico PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 federico.toffano@insight-centre.org
Treacy, David PhD Student MISL Research Off-Site david.tracey@gmail.com
Tsompanidis, Ilias PhD Student 2-09, MISL Research Off Site it1@cs.ucc.ie
Umer, Samreen PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5968/5969 samreen.umer@insight-centre.org
Visentin, Andrea PhD Student 2-15, Insight Centre 420-5978/5979 andrea.visentin@insight-centre.org
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