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Interested in Studying Computer Science: Discover the Possibilities

Computer scientists are the ones who innovate to conceive such systems and who design, build, and maintain the complex computer systems that make them function.  As a Computer Science student, you will master the core technologies that provide the building blocks of modern computer systems, such as networks, database technology, algorithms, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, web technology and applications. You will learn how to craft software and hardware solutions based on these technologies in order to solve real-world problems as they arise. 

Data Analytics enable people to make sense of the huge volumes of data (big data) that confront us in today‚Äôs world. Expertise in data science and analytics involves storing and manipulating relevant data and then analysing this data to extract the most salient information necessary for decision-making. Our course focuses on new ways to capture and understand data from the world around us. Being able to extract the most relevant information from data helps us make better decisions for people, communities, industry and society as a whole. 

Students of Digital Humanities and IT develop the practical technical skills necessary to succeed in the digital age, while also seeking to discover what is it to be human in the digital age, and how we might see ourselves and others as humanity becomes ever more connected by digital technology.  Equipped with an interdisciplinary skillset, as a graduate, you will have a wealth of employment opportunities open to you across a variety of industries in the technical and cultural sectors. 

Technology is becoming increasingly involved in every aspect of our lives, from driving to sleeping, from education to our relationships. In order to ensure that these developments have positive impacts on our lives, we need people with expertise in both human behaviour and technology design. Graduates with skills in Psychology and Computing have a unique insight into the needs and abilities of technology users, and the skills to design, develop and evaluate technology in areas such as education, e-health, mental health, interaction with AI, and supports for people with disabilities. 

Good luck with your studies and course choices! We look forward to welcoming you to UCC.

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Message from Head of School and Overview of Computer Science Programmes

When you study Computer Science you can make a difference to quite a lot of people.

Professor Utz Roedig, Head of School

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Learn about job opportunities

Berkley Group Presentation

For any graduates coming out of UCC that would have a Computer Science or Interactive Media Qualification the market is extremely attractive from a job opportunity perspective.

Paddy O'Connell, Managing Director, Berkley Group

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IBEC webinar

Future of Work in the Technology Sector

Ibec recently launched a series of seminars which will take an in depth look at the skills needs of a selection of the key sectors driving the Irish economy. These sessions explore current trends and future skills needs, focusing on what graduates can do to set themselves up for success in these sectors.

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