Research Students (MSc & PhD)

Orientation for Research Students

Mon, 2nd October 2023

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Academic Information


Useful Academic Information Contents
Current Research Students
  • Research Student Registration 
  • Changes to Registration
  • Modules
  • Research Thesis Submission
  • Book an Appointment
The UCC Structured PhD - Compulsory Requirements
  • PDF document attached



Student Supports


Support Tree Diagrame

(Check the support tree showing student services)
  • Student Accommodation advice
  • Campus accommodation / Private Apartment Complexes 
  • Searching for accommodation
  • Student apartment complexes
  • Studentpad, etc. 
Transport & Communiting

Communiting, Access & Parking

  • Park and Ride
  • How to get to UCC, etc




Health & Wellbing

Your Wellbeing

Looking for information on available health services, advice on money matters, academic support or queries about student living? Check out the below categories for all the information and links to services you need for Student Wellbeing.


  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Spiritual Wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing

 UCC Student Health Clinic (Free consoltation)  353 (0)21 4902311

Fiancial Wellbeing

Guide to budgeting as a UCC student

Student Services 

Academic Information and Administration

  • Academic Calendar
  • Skills Centre
  • Student Policies & Procedures
  • Library
  • Graduate Attributes


Student Activities

  • Clubs 
  • Societies
  • Student Media
  • Student Union
  • Mardyke Area Sports centre (free for students)


Explore the UCC Campus

  • UCC Map
  • Food & Drink
  • Shopping & Money
  • Building Code
  • Commuting
  • Accommodation
  • Green Campus


Claiming expenses for academic activities (Agresso FAQ)



Learning Supports


Learning Supports


Academic Writing and Study Resources

On this page you will find a variety of downloadable handouts covering important guidelines and resources on academic writing, academic skills, research, and assignments.

Skills sessions and Workshops

Learn key academic skills, including time management, study strategies, efficient note-taking techniques and presentation skills to help you flourish in your academic programme.  

Preparing For Exams

There is a wealth of information available to you about exams and how to prepare for them. In the Skills Centre, we have pulled together some practical advice for you as you settle into your home study and revision routine.

Skills Centre Digital Badges and Programmes

A digital badge is a validated representation of a skill, achievement earned, or knowledge gained. These Skills Centre programmes cover a range of topics, from learning public speaking, thinking critically about your academic sources to creating a professional online presence.

Subject Support from the Library

 Subject Guides- your starting point for researching your subject or topic.

IT Support

 All you on-line IT support, information, guides, trouble shooting, tips and tricks in one place.


Additional Information


Additional Information


Visa & Immigration

Visas and immigration compliance is compulsory. Please read this section carefully and in full. UCC invites students to study in Ireland, however it is the Irish government who has the power to decide if a student will be given permission to live in Ireland. 

Health Insurance

All students should have health insurance cover. This may be provided by your government through the public healthcare system or alternatively through private medical insurance. In the case of visa requiring students it is mandatory before a visa will be issued.

Open a Bank Account

It is of great benefit to students to establish a banking connection as soon as they arrive on campus. Staff in the Bank of Ireland understand students' financial arrangements and can offer financial advice suitable to students' needs. 


Contact Information

Manager / Administrator Research Centre Tel Email
Linda O'Sullivan Confirm, Insight & CRT-AI  420-5991
Caitriona Walsh Confirm &  Insight 420-5953
Eleanor O'Riordan Confirm & Insight 420-5954 
Janet Choi CRT-AI 420-5972
Peter MacHale Confirm, Insight & CRT-AI 420-5959


School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Scoil na Ríomheolaíochta agus na Teicneolaíochta Faisnéise

School of Computer Science and Information Technology, Western Gateway Building, University College Cork, Western Road, Cork, Ireland