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Student Accommodation Advice

UCC Virtual Accommodation Information Session for Incoming CAO students -Academic year 24/25

This session was held on 29th November 2023 and covers the following ares:


Campus Accommodation options, prices, and application process.

Private Student Apartment Complexes options, prices, and application process.

Other accommodation options outside of student specific apartment complexes, such as UCC Studentpad.


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from the Q & A -please view below:


Accommodation Information Session -Q&A



Cork City has a variety of accommodation types that are available to students. We advise that you consider all options when searching for safe and affordable accommodation.

The search for accommodation should begin in early January. Many options will be unavailable by the end of February each year. If you are a returning student you should begin discussions with your current provider at this time as well, if you are happy to stay there again. 

Campus Accommodation may be your preference but you should also consider all of the alternative accommodation when starting your search. There are almost three times as many rooms available in the private complexes than in Campus Accommodation but the application windows, standard and price tend to be very different throughout.

View our Student Accommodation in Cork Tips and Advice booket for further information...

Campus Accommodation

Campus Accommodation opens its application window on 16th February and remains open for one month. Once the application window closes all applicants are included in a random selection lottery. All applicants, regardless of when they applied or any other criteria, have the same chance of being offered a room. 

If you are not selected you will be added to the waiting list for later draws. 

Details on the application process for the 2023/24 academic year are available on the Campus Accommodation website.

Privately owned student apartment complexes

If Campus Accommodation is your priority, we also advise that you try to book a room in a private complex as well. Remember, you are not guaranteed a place in Campus Accommodation due to the random selection lottery but most private providers run a first come, first served system of booking.  

The private complexes generally begin accepting applications from January/February. Please be aware that the most popular options may fill in a matter of minutes. For this reason you should carry out your research beforehand, knowing your budget, which complexes you are interested in, when they will be accepting applications and how you can apply. 

If the private complexes are full when you begin your search you should check in with them periodically to enquire about cancellations. Rooms may open up through cancellations as we approach the start of the academic year.

House shares

It is possible to source accommodation in a house share at any time of the year. If you are interested in house shares you should start searching early and be prepared to continue searching for several months. You may find that there is more availability in April and May.

This kind of accommodation can be found through UCC StudentPad, the UCC Accommodation Search Facebook page and Before you pay a deposit, please make sure to view it in person and do not secure the tenancy unless you are happy and feel safe.


Digs (owner occupied rentals)

Owner occupied rentals, also known as ‘digs’, can be found throughout the year. If you are interested in this type of accommodation it is best to search during the summer months. Digs can be found through various websites such as UCC and

It is important to note that renting in owner occupied accommodation is a licensee arrangement and the normal tenancy rights do not apply. With that in mind, it is important that you set clearly defined terms in writing before entering into this kind of agreement. If you find something suitable it is very important that you view it in person and meet with the homeowner before making a financial commitment.


When searching for private accommodation you should be vigilant for bogus landlords. If in doubt, do not pay a deposit. 

Accommodation scams can happen at any time and you can do the following to ensure that you are not impacted by an accommodation scam:

  1. Ask the landlord if they are registered with UCC Student Pad.
  2. Ask if the previous tenancy has been registered with the Residential Tenancies Board (rtb) and if the landlord intends to register your tenancy.
  3. You can check out your tenancy rights on the RTB website
  4. You should always view a property prior to signing a lease or handing over money.

The Threshold website contains further information on accommodation scams.


Please be aware of potential scams on facebook sites which are not regulated by UCC. If you see posts like this:

Facebook Scam 1

Facebook Scam 2

Please consider that these may be scams. Only search through sites that are recognised in Ireland, such as UCC StudentPad,,, and other reputable sites. If in doubt, keep looking.

  • Never send money without viewing the house, seeing a tenancy agreement and getting a key that you have checked in the front door
  • Think again before sending your money to a non-Irish account number
  • Always google the address and make sure it looks legitimate on the map 
  • If you are still not sure, email the details to and we will give our honest opinion

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