CAO Applicants

Campus Accommodation

If you applied to Campus Accommodation within the application window (dates to be announced) you may still receive an offer of accommodation if future lottery rounds take place. Students are encouraged to focus on all other types of accommodation in the meantime as there is no guarantee you will be chosen in any future lottery. If you did not apply within the application window, there is no possibility of applying for Campus Accommodation at this late stage.

Privately owned student apartment complexes

Privately owned student apartment complexes are very similar to the UCC Campus Accommodation, they are merely owned by private companies. If Campus Accommodation is your priority you should also try to book a room in one of these complexes to maximise your chances of having accommodation when the academic year begins.

These complexes begin accepting applications around January and February. Many operate a first come, first served application system and the most popular options may fill in a matter of minutes. For this reason you should carry out your research beforehand, knowing your budget, which complexes you are interested in, when they will be accepting applications and how you can apply.

If you are searching later in the year, these complexes will accept bookings when other students cancel their reservations. We strongly recommend that students, proactively and persistently, focus their efforts on the privately owned complexes that fall within their budget.

House shares

House shares can be found through a number of sources, such as UCC StudentPad, the UCC Accommodation Search Facebook page and These properties become available throughout the year but mostly from April onwards. Once advertised, they will not last long. Be prepared to travel to Cork to secure accommodation at short notice. Do not pay a deposit or rent without seeing the property. Only rent the property if you feel that it is safe and affordable.

Owner occupied rentals (digs)

Owner occupied rentals or digs can also be sourced online through a number of websites such as UCC StudentPad and It is important to note that renting in owner occupied accommodation is a licensee arrangement and the normal tenancy rights do not apply. With that in mind, it is important that you set clearly defined terms before entering into this kind of agreement. If you find something suitable it is very important that you view it in person and meet with the homeowner before making a financial commitment. You should take the time to familirise yourself with your  in these agreements.

If you require further information feel free to contact us directly using the information at the bottom of this page.

First Year Placement Service

If you received your CAO offer to study in UCC but have not secured accommodation, you can apply for our first year placement service. This service aims to source affordable and safe accommodation for first year students, where possible. We prioritise students based on their distance from campus rather than first come first serve. We encourage students to remain proactive in their own search for accommodation while this service is active. While we can not guarantee that we can help, all students typically find suitable accommodation for the academic year.

This service will only be available once the first CAO offers are issued. 

Once available you can access this service through an online form via the UCC home page and the Accommodation & Community Life home page, linked below. 




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